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xiros® Plastic Ball Bearings Product Overview - Online Shop

Service life calculator

Find the right ball bearing and calculate the service life.

Only recommended for horizontal applications

Improving technology and cutting costs - Inspiration provided by real life applications

Design and tests

xiros® plastic ball bearing design, applications, development and tests.

xiros® radial deep groove ball bearings:

xiros® B180 - Plastic ball bearings in inch sizes

Dimensions in inches

Grooved ball bearing - with xiros® B180 cage

Low-cost with xiros® B180 cage

xiros® B180 Grooved ball bearing

Cost efficient ball bearing made from high-performance plastics. Temperature resistant up to 176°F.

Grooved ball bearing - xiros® B180 for the food processing industry

Made of FDA-compliant plastics

Grooved ball bearing - xiros® S180

New ball bearing material with higher wear resistance: xiros® S180

Grooved ball bearing - xiros® F180

Conductive - Protection against electrostatic discharge

xiros® C160

Chemical resistant ball bearing made from high-performance plastics. Low-cost version.

Grooved ball bearing - xiros® A500

When exposed to heat and chemicals - Electrically insulating and wear-resistant

xiros® races made of xiros® D180

For speeds up to 5,000 RPM

Grooved ball bearing - xiros® G220

For high temperatures up to 248 °F

Grooved ball bearing - xiros® T220 - for the tobacco industry

Free of carcinogenic additives

Grooved ball bearing - xiros® M180

Detectable materials

Ball bearing with spherical outer diameter - xiros® B180, M180

Use as roller with little friction

Thin ring bearing

The xiros® thin ring bearing for almost half the amount of space

xiros® B180 with cover plate

Plastic ball bearing with cover plate to prevent dirt or other abrasive particles from penetrating.

Double row grooved ball bearing - xiros® B180

Double row design for higher loads

xiros® axial bearings:

xiros® B180 - Axial ball bearings

For absorbing axial forces

xiros® B180 double row axial ball bearing

Double-row design for higher loads

xiros® B180 ball transfer unit

For the lubrication-free transport of delicate goods

xiros® B180 axial ball transfer unit

For higher loads - Self-aligning and resistant to dirt

Axial ball bearing made of plastic - xiros® D180

With the new axial polymer ball transfer unit, sensitive goods can be easily and safely transported.

Thrust washer - xiros® B180

Small installation height at a small price

xiros® flange bearing:

xiros® flange ball bearing

xiros® flange bearing with stainless steel balls were developed for maintenance-free use in conveyor belts, cam rollers and guide rollers.

xiros® B180 - Plastic guide roller

With flange and cover plate on one side

xiros® B180 - Plastic guide roller

With flange and cover plate on both sides

xiros® F180 - Plastic guide roller

With flange and cover plate on one side

xiros® F180 - Plastic guide roller

With flange and cover plate on both sides

xiros® flange ball bearing B180

Flange ball bearing made from xiros® B180

xiros® B180 profiled guide rollers

As a single-component solution, the profiled guide rollers made of xiros® B180 replace press-fitted or injection-molded metallic ball bearings.

xiros® rollers and tubes

Tube - xiros® B180 with flange ball bearings

Complete solution consisting of aluminium tube and flange ball bearings

xiros® - guide roller FDA-compatible

Pre-assembled xiros® guide roller with FDA-compliant components

Multi axis

xiros® B180 multi bearing

For linear and rotary movement

xiros® combined with igubal®

xiros® ball bearing pillow block

Self-lubricating pillow block with integrated plastic ball bearings.

xiros® self-aligning flange bearings

Self-lubricating flange bearing with integrated ball bearings.

Other designs:

xiros® B180 - Roller

Large xiros® roller

Fastening element for ball transfer units

Stainless steel clamping ring

xiros® B180 - End caps

xiros® end caps made of xiros® B180

xiros® slewing ring bearing

Maintenance-free, dry operation with low coefficients of friction

xiros® B180 - Slewing ring bearing with gear teeth

Slewing ring bearing with outer gear teeth