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Restaurant Automation Systems & FDA-Compliant Components

Complete system or individual components with no minimum order quantity

igus® offers a broad range of motion plastic components and robot systems. We would be happy to advise you on your specific application and present you with an automated restaurant solution that is as lean as possible. Save time and money with innovative catering equipment. The requirements of automation solutions in catering are multifaceted. They range from pick-and-place or shifting solutions in food distribution to barista robots to automated product removal for electronic ordering systems.

Most cases involve additional criteria such as the following:

  • No machine downtime
  • Food-compatible (FDA-compliant) components  for such items and robot grippers that are directly in contact with food
  • Cost-effective, lightweight components with ROI that is as fast as possible, especially for small businesses
  • Simple robot system implementation and operation for those unfamiliar with IT


    Parts used for restaurant automation & catering industry

    robolink® DP 4 or 5 DoF robotic arms

    robolink® DP

    • High flexibility: wide choice of end effectors
    • Lightweight construction
    • Return on investment (ROI) after four to seven months
    • Self-lubricating and resistant to dirt

    Shop robolink® DP 4 or 5 DoF robotic arms

    drylin® W profile guide

    drylin W profile guide

    • 14 rail profiles, 50 carriage versions
    • Maintenance-free and self-lubricating
    • Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity
    • Very quiet operation
    • 40% less cost than ball bearing guides

    Browse drylin® W profile guides

    drygear® Apiro modular gearbox

    drygear Apiro

    • Application temperature: +5 °C to +50 °C
    • Suitable for splash water applications
    • Lightweight
    • Self-lubricating

    Shop drygear® Apiro modular gearbox

    Application Examples

    iglide® A181 plain bearings

    Food-compliant plain bearings

    • Complies with FDA and EU regulations
    • Good media resistance
    • Universal application

    Shop iglide® A181 plain bearings

    iglide® A160 tribo-tape

    A160 tribo-tape

    • Low coefficient of friction
    • High wear resistance
    • FDA compliant

    Shop iglide® A160 tribo-tape

    E2 micro e-chain® cable carriers


    • Quick, easy filling
    • Integrated brake for smooth, quiet running
    • Low installation space, small bend radii (28mm)

    Browse E2 micro e-chain® cable carriers

    Other Restaurant Automation Applications

    Barista robot

    Barista robots for cafe automation

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    Kitchen automation

    Automated Kitchen and Food Service

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