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Flexible Cable Designed For Industrial
Motion Applications

chainflex® flexible cables are the world’s number one cables in terms of selection, testing and a UL-verified 4 year guaranteed service life. We offer the largest variety of flexible cables, with over 1,394 cable types for data, bus, hybrid, control, motor, servo motor feedback, servo, coaxial, FOC, special and robot.  chainflex® flexible cables resist a range of dangerous conditions, like extreme temperatures and oil, and can handle any type of motion, including horizontal, torsional or high speed.

Upgrade your current cables by switching to igus®.  By switching to chainflex® cables, customers can reduce costs by up to 74%.  In addtion to these benefits, igus® products offer fast shipping times within 24hrsonline service-life calculators and tools for nearly all product lines, and tested reliability.  Available from stock in any quantity with no minimum length requirement.
  • UL-verified 4 year guarantee - All chainflex® cables are rigorously tested in our test lab to guarantee 2 billion test cycles per year.  Learn more.
  • Cable price check - Our cable price check & comparison policy can reduce costs & improve service life.  Learn more.

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Control cable

chainflex control cable
  • For high speed movement
  • Meets highest demands of mechanical engineering
  • Various approvals (CE, NFPA, CEI)
  • Resists high and low temperatures
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Data cable

chainflex data cable
  • For travels up to 400 m
  • Ideal for use in energy chains
  • Numerous approvals and classifications (EAC, CE, CTP)
  • High flexibility
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Motor cable

chainflex motor cable
  • For constant bending and automated movement
  • Multi-core or single-core
  • Bending radii up to 5xd
  • Withstands millions of cycles
  • UV-resistant, flame-retardant, halogen-free
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Bus cable

chainflex bus cable
  • Meets all requirements for the machine industry
  • Data & signal transmission, control circuits, etc.
  • Fieldbus, CAN, Profinet, Profibus
  • Designed for flexible movement
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Servo motor feedback cable

chainflex servo motor feedback cable
  • For frequent flexible movements
  • Approvals/certificates (UL/CSA, CTP, EAC, CE)
  • For high speeds and accelerations
  • Available for Siemens, B&R, ELAU, etc.
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Servo power cable

chainflex servo power cable
  • Elevated abrasion resistance
  • Various certifications (CTP, RoHS, EAC, CA)
  • For high speeds and accelerations
  • Ideal for production lines
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Fiber-optic cable

chainflex fiber optic cable
  • For large transmission volumes and lengths
  • Specially developed for extended service life
  • Contains no metal
  • Resistant to coolant, oil, UV and fire
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Special cable

chainflex special cable
  • High tensile strength
  • Meets demanding mechanical requirements
  • Resistant to almost all environmental conditions
  • Can be customized for certain requirements
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Robot cable

chainflex robot cable
  • For torsional movement in complex applications
  • Meets high mechanical requirements
  • Withstands millions of bending cycles
  • Extended service life
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Hybrid Cables

Hybrid Cable
Hybrid cables combine servo & motor feedback cables for drive technology & are becoming the norm for use in servo drive systems.  The fast, precise movements required benefit from having just a single cable relaying the necessary energy & signals.  Learn more here.
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readycable® Cable Assemblies

Our line of motor, servo, signal and encoder cable assemblies comes equipped with standard industrial connectors that are ready to connect to your application.  All of our cable assemblies are built similar to 24 manufacturer’s standards such as Siemens, Allen Bradley & Beckhoff.  Learn more here.
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White Paper: Small Mark, Huge Effect: CE

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CE is a voluntary commitment to safety provided by suppliers that can give customers a reason to trust their components. Before affixing the marking, machine and system manufacturers go through an extensive, painstaking conformity assessment procedure. Learn more about the CE marking and the steps igus has taken to certify both their chainflex flexible cables and e-chain cable carriers.
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