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Onsite Training Services to Educate Your Team

With our training services, your team can learn about igus® products directly from our experts. They can instruct engineers on how to design using our parts, train production teams on how to put our products together, and teach the purchasing team how to order complex systems to make sure that orders are delivered complete and on time. Our experts can also train 3rd party contractors on how to work with and assemble e-chain® components correctly.

Training Services:

  • Product training sessions
  • System design classes
  • Contractor education workshops
  • Maintenance team training
  • Traveling trade shows
  • Online resources

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Product training and system design classes to help achieve your goals

We can provide all types of training about our products based on your individual needs. With new products being frequently released from our R&D and product development teams to help customers achieve their goals, you don’t want to miss anything new.

Product Training

Services include:

  • Design, engineer and test prototypes 
  • Design specialty brackets or mounting solutions 
  • Trough designs for applications with space restrictions 
  • Unique e-chain configurations and movements

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Proper installation is essential for the life of your cable carrier, and igus® has a team of dedicated engineers ready to assist you every step of the way. From site inspection, to installation, to complete modernization, our team will ensure the longest possible service life for your cable carrier system. Contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 965-2496 to discuss your project today!

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Contractor training and certification programs ensure service technician proficiency

If you already have a contractor who performs your mechanical and electrical work but is new to igus® systems, our experts are happy to help. They will make sure that your preferred team is briefed on best practices and common challenges.

Contractor Training

Services include:

  • Product information sessions
  • System installation training
  • System inspection
  • Cover all FAQ