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Test lab, certifications
and approvals

The igus® test laboratory: rigorous testing for guaranteed quality

Research continuously done in the 3,800m² area

In 1985, the igus test laboratory was called into being in order to rigorously test the company's own products. Every igus product is tested thoroughly before it is put on sale. More than 15,000 tests are performed. Covering an area of 3,800m², it is the largest of its kind for tribo-polymers in the industry. Many wishes and dreams of our customers make a start here and we try these ideas out until they are ready to be implemented in the form of a product.

iglide® bearings test lab

  • 135 trillion test movements per year
  • 11,300 tribological tests on more than 50 testing machines
  • approx. 400 customer-specific investigations
e-chain® test lab
  • 4,100 tests on more than 60 testing machines
  • 7,512 findings added to the electronic database
  • Long-term durability 10 billion e-chain® cycles per year in the e-chains® and chainflex® laboratory
chainflex® cable test lab
  • 2.0 billion test strokes per year
  • 1,561 production monitoring tests per year
  • 58 testing machines
  • Up to 1.4 million electrical measurements during tests

View our certificates and approvals below

Take a glimpse into the igus® test laboratory

Test results improve our online tools

Since 2001, igus has been developing innovative online tools based on the database of our test lab results. With these online tools, the economic efficiency and safety of our products can be determined quickly and very easily online all round the clock. This means a high degree of transparency for our customers and enables them to find the most cost-effective, functioning solution for their problem.

  • More than 40 free online tools 
  • Configuring products individually
  • More than 50 different iglide materials for nearly any service life and application

Explore the online tools here
Online tools

Downloads, certifications and approvals

igus® has been operating a quality management system for many years which conforms to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Here you can find some examples of our test certificates and seals of approval. More are available on request below.

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igus® is compliant with the EG Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH)

igus iso

ISO 9001:2015

igus® Inc. The North American distribution of igus products has been certified against the provisions of IS0 9001 since May of 2002.

IATF 16949:2016

igus® GMBH manufacture (parent company) of igus products, located in Cologne.



Our plastics meet Directive 2011/65/EU as certified by our suppliers.

drylin ROHS


Our drylin® products meet Directive 2011/65/EU as certified by our suppliers.

chainflex rohs2


Our chainflex® products meet Directive 2011/65/EU as certified by our suppliers.


ISO 9001:2015

Quality management systems - application of ISO 9001:2015 for automotive production and relevant service part organizations.


CFSI - CMRT 5.12

chainflex DESINA


chainflex® continuous-flex cables comply with DESINA guidelines.

interbus cables


chainflex® cables are manufactured according to international INTERBUS standards.



Canadian Standards Association approval.

ESD igumid

ESD applications

Our igumid ESD material igumid (in gray) is designed for electrostatic discharge applications and conforms to ATEX standards.

UL material

UL material approval

All igumid materials for energy chain and Energy Tubes have UL approval.

igus design award

if Design Award

Since 1987, 17 igus® products have been honored with the iF Design Award.

DryLin design award

red dot design award

In 2006, drylin® HTSS won the red dot design award.

IPA clean room

Many drylin® linear bearings are suitable for use in cleanrooms according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. Acknowledged by the IPA Fraunhofer Institute.

safety award igus

TÜV Rheinland Group

An international service group documenting the safety and quality of new and existing products, systems and services.

energy chains low noise

TÜV noise test

igus® energy chain system are low noise. Proven in the TÜV acoustic lab and at in the igus® test laboratories.

SEI approval


Approval of the Commission Electrotechnique Internationale.

ISO EMS 14001

EMS ISO 14001 - 2015 EN1

ISO EMS 14001

EMS ISO 14001 - 2015 EN2

Application Assistance

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