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Cable carriers for multi-axis robots

Products for 3D movements

Number of products: 60

triflex® R Series TRE

from 33.06 USD/ft
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triflex® R TRCF series

from 64.31 USD/ft
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triflex® R TRC series

  • Energy tube
  • Enclosed design
  • Maximum swarf protection for cables
  • Bend radius R: 50 - 182mm
from 32.15 USD/ft
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triflex® R Series TRLF

  • Light version
  • with snap lock mechanism
  • Quick to fill
  • Bend radius R: 100 - 182mm
from 25.87 USD/ft
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triflex® R standard mounting bracket with strain relief

  • with strain relief teeth
  • With or without threaded bushings
from 28.71 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R series TRL

  • Light version
  • Cost-effective
  • "easy" design
  • Simply press cables in
  • Bend radius R: 50 - 145mm
from 14.96 USD/ft
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triflex® R light mounting bracket with short strain relief

  • Light and cost-effective
  • With short strain relief
  • Not compatible with TRC, TRE and TRCF
  • In combination with TRC, TRE and TRCF please use TL.XX.01.Z2 with long strain relief. 
from 5.45 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R light mounting bracket without strain relief

  • Light and cost-effective
  • Without strain relief teeth
  • Can also be used with standard chains such as TRC, TRE & TRCF
from 5.37 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R mounting bracket with radius support

  • Distributes the forces acting between the mounting bracket and e-chain more evenly
  • Especially good for applications with high loads and tensile force
  • Provides additional safety
from 138.41 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R protector with clip-on mechanism

  • Quickly and easy to open
  • Provides extra protection for the e-chain for edges or hard applications
from 20.11 USD/Pc.
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Clamp for axis 6 on the robot

  • For various robot manufacturers and models
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Quick adjustment of the energy supply system on axis 6 possible
  • Ensures constant spacing between the dress pack and axis 6
from 116.21 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R bolted protector

  • Half shells screwed together
  • Gives the triflex R chain additional protection
  • Particularly well suited for demanding applications
from 16.75 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R standard mounting bracket without strain relief

  • Standard version
  • Without strain relief
  • With and without threaded bushings
from 28.66 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R gliding feed-throughs with swivel bearing

  • Same or similar fastening as a standard mounting bracket
  • Excellent in combination with retraction systems
  • Makes the guidance of a triflex R e-chain on the robot even more flexible
from 63.31 USD/Pc.
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RSSL retraction system (with spring element, linear)

  • Cost-optimised retraction system
  • Can be mounted directly onto the 3rd axis on many common types of robot
  • Retraction element with spring element
  • Spring elements are particularly suitable for oily and dirty applications
  • For highly dynamic applications
  • High and medium load capacity
from 720.55 USD/Pc.
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