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igus® Canada

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Cable carrier solutions for EOT and indoor cranes

igus® offers energy solutions for indoor cranes, including single or double girder, roller or box girder section, overhead traveling, ceiling, and boom technology

The igus® e-chain® cable carriers are a durable and cost-effective alternative to bus bars, festoons and cable reels. e-chain® systems are engineered with high-performance plastics and have space-saving designs, allowing for easy mounting either directly to the crane or on top.

igus® is a proud supporting member of the AIST.  To learn more about our solutions for indoor cranes, continue reading or contact us below.

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no additional drives

No additional drives, control systems, or steel structures necessary

sync trolley and e-chain

Synchronous run of trolley and e-chain system

all media conducted

All media conducted in one system: energy, data, gases, and fluids

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Installation and field services

From the first sketch to installation and on-site commissioning, our installation and field services are guaranteed.

Installation and Inspection Services

Guidefast trough systems

Our Guidefast systems offer all of the benefits of e-chain systems with the added advantage of fast and easy installation.

Guidefast guide troughs