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Automation and Robotic Parts that are used in the Manufacturing Industry

What is the difference between automation and robotics?

Automation is the use of self-operating physical machines, computer software, and other technologies to perform tasks that are usually done by people. This process is designed to automatically follow a predetermined sequence of operations or respond to encoded instructions. Robotics is the design, creation, and use of robots to perform tasks. These are physical robots that substitute for (or replicate) human actions.
However, automation can be also be used with robotics.  For example, an assembly line robot that assembles a car in an automotible factory.  Automation with robotics is becoming more and more prevalent in the manufacturing and engineering space, as it can eliminate downtime, human error and cost, while at the same time it can improve accuracy and allow for human workers to focus on other tasks. 

Automation with robotics is especially ideal for certain industries such as Automotive industryMedical TechnologyMaterial handling solutionsFood industry, and beverage productionrestaurant automation and packaging.

Learn more below about the various igus® business units and parts that are already being used in all of these industries, incorporating both automation and robotics.

Bearings and Bushings

iglide® bearings & bushings

iglide bearings
  • Flange, sleeve & two-bolt flange
  • Thrust washers, clip bearings & piston rings
  • Gears, conveyor rollers, etc
  • Custom bearings
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PRT slewing rings

  • Corrosion & wear-resistant, grease-free
  • Resistant to dirt, dust, humidity & hygienic
  • Slim design, cost-effective, self-lubricating
  • Ready-to-install & easy to assemble
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igubal® spherical bearings

  • Dirt/dust resistant, vibration-damping, lightweight
  • Corrosion/water resistant, temps up to 392°F
  • Inner rings set in housings with little clearance
  • 24-48 hour delivery, no minimum order quantity
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Linear Motion Technology

Linear Bearings & Slides

drylin linear slides
  • Sliding vs. rolling ball bearings
  • Shock, corrosion and dirt resistant
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free
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Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators
  • Lead Screw Actuators with Rails
  • Lead Screw Driven Actuator with Shafts
  • Belt Driven Actuators
  • Miniature and Low-Cost, Economical Actuators
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Motors & Controllers

  • Stepper Motors (NEMA)
  • DC Motors
  • Motor Controllers and Accessories
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RBTX Marketplace for
Low Cost Automation

RBTX is an online marketplace for robotics that brings together users and suppliers of robotic components.  There you can easily browse and purchase gantries, delta robots, robotic arms and more all from various dealers.

To learn more and browse the shop, visit the RBTX Marketplace.

Cables and Cable Carriers

chainflex® Robot Cables

robot cable
  • For torsional movement in complex applications
  • Meets high mechanical requirements
  • Withstands millions of bending cycles
  • Extended service life
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triflex® Retraction & Dresspacks

  • Defined bend radius, built-in torsion stop
  • Easy to lengthen/shorten, simple filling
  • Ball & socket link design
  • Multiple cavities reduce cable abrasion
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e-chain® Cable Carriers

  • Low-cost, easy to fill, small & micro carriers
  • Lightweight & high torsion resistance
  • Snap-open or closed design
  • Internal separators- standard or notch
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Robotic Components

Strain Wave Gears

Strainwave Gears
  • Compact, available transmission: 28:1
  • Standard option: Stepper motor NEMA11/17
  • INI-Kit for zero position optionally adaptable
  • Adaptor disc for flanging on grippers available
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Robotic Joints

Robotic Joints
  • PRT slewing ring bearing with plastic housing
  • The main component is a worm gear
  • Cables can be guided through the center hole
  • The joints can be ordered with or without motor
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Rotary Axis with Motors

Rotary Axis with Motors
  • Robotic joint, two slewing rings with direct drive
  • Worm gear/cables guided through center hole
  • Self-locking drive and symmetrical joint
  • Application horizontal on base plate
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