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Self-lubricating and maintenance-free products used for 3D printer construction

Components or ready-to-install system solutions suitable for all installation areas

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free technologies and components from igus® are already playing a central role in most assembly kits and blueprints for 3D printers. Tribologically optimized high-performance plastics insure better 3D printing and lower costs.  With its modular motion plastics® system, igus® enables maximum design freedom for individual applications in the area of 3D printing. 

Drylin® linear bearings are almost noiseless as no metal bearings are used and dryspin® lead screw nuts insure efficient and precise adjustment of the print bed.  In addition, igus® energy supply chains increase machine operating times, making corkscrews and general cable failures a thing of the past. Extremely constricted installation spaces, very small bend radii, short assembly times are all benefits of our products, which have no minimum order quantity.


  • Self-lubricating
  • Silent operation and smooth sliding
  • Resistance to dirt
  • Long service life
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • A wide array of variants and material types
Interested in testing our filament, energy chains and bearings that can be used in your 3D printing machine?  Request a free sample box below.

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Suitable products for use in 3D printers

See how these igus® products can improve your 3D printer application.

Our laser sintering material and Tribo-filament are rigorously tested

For prototypes or small series, extremely abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant tribo plastics are used for additive production.  Along with the laser-sintering (SLS) method or  filaments (FDM/FFF) make it possible to directly use the printed bearing or test the functioning of the printed bearing reliably and conclusively. In our own igus® test laboratory, the Tribo-optimized materials are tested for resistance to wear and abrasion and compared with conventional materials.

Laser sintering test

Test: Abrasion resistance of the laser sintering material

Tribo-Filament test

Test: Wear resistance of the Tribo-Filament

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