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dryspin® lead
screws, nuts &

Maintenance-Free Lead Screw Systems

Modular lead screw assemblies, customized for your specific requirements

Lead screw assemblies from igus® are designed for maintenance-free operation and offer an extended service life. Our lead screw nuts are designed with self-lubricating engineered composite plastic materials, eliminating the need for external lubricants and lead screw coatings. In addition to trapezoidal and ACME lead screws, we offer a proprietary high helix design that’s asymmetrical to our plastic nuts. This design helps optimize lifetime and offers higher efficiency.

You can easily customize your lead screws in 20 minutes or less with our lead screw configurator. Watch this video to learn how it works. We can also 3D print lead screw nuts at our North American headquarters in Rhode Island. We use our engineered plastic materials and SLS printer to create low-friction, durable parts. Calculate the expected service life of your lead screw assembly before installing it in your application as well.


  • Self-lubricating, engineered composite plastic nuts
  • Maintenance-free assemblies
  • No coatings or external lubricants required
  • Higher efficiency rating
  • Proprietary high helix lead screw design for higher speeds and optimize service life
  • Predictable service life
Automotive, Packaging, Food  and Beverage  Production, UV Robot and Disinfection Automation 

Lead Screw Assemblies with Motors Expert

dryspin motor expert

  • Enter your application requirements
  • Browse lead screws, nuts, and motors
  • Add to cart and request a quote or checkout

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Lead Screw Assemblies with Motors

dryspin Motor

  • Serrated Lead Screws and Nuts
  • For DC and Stepper (NEMA) Motors
  • Anti-backlash nuts in captive/non-captive configurations

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Tools & Configurators

igus® offers a range of online tools to help users find the right lead screw system for their application requirements. The all-encompassing tools report suitable products based on entered parameters, predicted system service life and both 2D and 2D CAD models. Systems can also be individually configured, simplifying the design process. Final configurations can be saved or sent directly to the shopping cart.

Lead Screw Product Finder

Lead screw product finder

Find components based on requirements, calculate service life and more.

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Lead Screw Configurator

drylin lead screw configurator

Quickly build lead screws and view dimensioned drawings

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High helix lead screw nuts

high helix lead screw nut

  • Cylindrical, flange & custom designs
  • Low friction, water & chemical resistant
  • Decrease cost by 50%, 7 materials available

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High helix lead screws

high helix lead screws

  • Configurable online
  • Stainless steel, steel, or anodized aluminum
  • Up to 30% longer service life

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Trapezoidal lead screw nuts

trapezoidal lead screw nuts

  • Cylindrical, flange & custom designs
  • Low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating
  • Decrease cost by 50.9% with 6 material types

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Trapezoidal lead screws

trapezoidal lead screws

  • Aluminum, CF-15 steel & stainless steel options
  • Various thread types & double pin options
  • Right, left and opposed drive thread types

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ACME Lead Screws and Nuts

ACME lead screws and nuts

  • Cylindrical and flange lead screw nuts
  • Thermoplastics, chemical & water resistant
  • Stainless steel lead screws; aluminum, etc.

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Molded Parts for Production

3D printed lead screws and nuts

  • Custom lead screws and nuts
  • 3D-printed prototypes
  • Injection molded options

Configure Prototypes

Discuss your project with a lead screw assembly expert

Whether you're interested in turnkey, fully assembled solutions or looking to build your own customizable project, let us assist you with a solution based on your specific application and requirements. Contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 965-2496 to discuss your project today!


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white paper cover acme lead screw system

White Paper: The ACME Lead Screw System

Download the Free White Paper Now

One of the most common lead screw geometries in North American manufacturing is the ACME lead screw system. Designed with a trapezoidal shape, a flank angle of 29 degrees and a higher pitch than fastening screws, ACME lead screws were made for applications requiring frequent positioning, including power transmission applications moving high axial loads. Learn about speeds and loads, lead screw geometry, nut materials, benefits of an ACME system, relevant industries and more.

Download the White Paper

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