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dryspin® lead
screws, nuts &

Maintenance-Free Lead Screw Systems

Modular lead screw assemblies, customized for your specific requirements

Lead screw assemblies from igus® are designed for maintenance-free operation and offer an extended service life. Our lead screw nuts are designed with self-lubricating engineered composite plastic materials, eliminating the need for external lubricants and lead screw coatings. In addition to trapezoidal and ACME lead screws, we offer a proprietary high helix design that’s asymmetrical to our plastic nuts. This design helps optimize lifetime and offers higher efficiency.

You can easily customize your lead screws in 20 minutes or less with our lead screw configurator. Watch this video to learn how it works. We can also 3D print lead screw nuts at our North American headquarters in Rhode Island. We use our engineered plastic materials and SLS printer to create low-friction, durable parts. Calculate the expected service life of your lead screw assembly before installing it in your application as well.
  • Self-lubricating, engineered composite plastic nuts
  • Maintenance-free assemblies
  • No coatings or external lubricants required
  • Higher efficiency rating
  • Proprietary high helix lead screw design for higher speeds and optimize service life
  • Predictable service life
Automotive, Packaging, Food, Beverage, 3D Printers, Marine, MedicalVending and Kiosks, UV Robot and Disinfection Automation

Tools & Configurators

igus® offers a range of online tools to help users find the right lead screw system for their application requirements. The all-encompassing tools report suitable products based on entered parameters, predicted system service life and both 2D and 2D CAD models. Systems can also be individually configured, simplifying the design process. Final configurations can be saved or sent directly to the shopping cart.

Lead Screw Product Finder

Lead screw product finder

Find components based on requirements, calculate service life and more.

Lead Screw Configurator

drylin lead screw configurator

Quickly build lead screws and view dimensioned drawings

Lead Screw with Motors Expert

spindle motor expert Simply enter your application requirements, browse lead screws, nuts, and various motors.

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High helix lead screw nuts

high helix lead screw nut
  • Cylindrical, flange & custom designs
  • Low friction, water & chemical resistant
  • Decrease cost by 50%, 7 materials available
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High helix lead screws

high helix lead screws
  • Configurable online
  • Stainless steel, steel, or anodized aluminum
  • Up to 30% longer service life
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Trapezoidal lead screw nuts

trapezoidal lead screw nuts
  • Cylindrical, flange & custom designs
  • Low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating
  • Decrease cost by 50.9% with 6 material types
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Trapezoidal lead screws

trapezoidal lead screws
  • Aluminum, CF-15 steel & stainless steel options
  • Various thread types & double pin options
  • Right, left and opposed drive thread types
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ACME nuts

ACME nuts
  • Dry-running & maintenance-free nuts
  • Hygienic, corrosion-resistant & lightweight
  • Long, predicatable service life & cost-effective
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ACME lead screws

ACME lead screws
  • High precision performance in stainless steel
  • Durable due to cold-rolled manufacturing
  • Applicable in a wide variety of industries
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the difference between trap/acme/dryspin
    high helix/metric?

    A: Trapezoidal (metric) and ACME (imperial) lead screws are very similar with a slight 1-degree difference in the thread angle. They are mostly 1 continuous thread (1-start) but a few are available with 2-starts. They are non-back-driveable so they are ideal for vertical applications without the need for a brake or locking mechanism. Because they have smaller leads they are better for fine adjustments. 
    igus® dryspin® is an optimized thread geometry for high helix and is now available for a few trapezoidal dimensions. The high helix screws contain multiple threads (starts) and allow for longer linear travels with fewer rotations of the screw. They are not self-locking and may require an ancillary brake or clamp. Due to their improved geometry over other high helix threads on the market they exhibit better wear resistance, efficiency and lower noise emission.
    Metric threads are standard fastener thread profiles and are ideal for use in dimensions. igus® offers these in dimensions from 3mm-10mm so they are ideal for constrained spaces with low loads.

  • Q: How do the anti- and zero-backlash work?

    A: All plastic lead screw nuts require clearance between the nut and screw to move properly and account for thermal expansion. igus® offers clearance reducing components to reduce or nearly eliminate this backlash by preloading parts with springs or o-rings. These are ideal for more precise positioning. 

  • Q: Are they back-driveable?

    A: Yes, lead screws may backdrive depending on the efficiency and COF of the nut. Trapezoidal, ACME, and metric single-start screws do not back-drive, where high helix profiles will.

  • Q: Can they be used underwater?

    A: Yes. igus® offers 300-series stainless steel(SS), as well as anodized aluminum lead screws. We offer varying lead screw nut materials depending on the application that are suitable for splash water or continuously submerged application.

  • Q: What is the longest lead screw you recommend?

    A: igus® does stock screws between 500-3000mm. Depending on the diameter of the screw, and the application speed/load and orientation. At longer lengths resonance may become noticeable at higher speeds. Any quest.ions, contact our  Lead Screw Expert.

  • Q: Why does my leadscrew make noise?

    A: Lead screws may be prone to noise when the relationship of the diameter, speed, and stroke-length exceeds the published limits for the screw.

  • Q: What materials do you have?

    A: The lead screws are available in 304SS for corrosion resistance, carbon steel for lower cost, and aluminum for non-magnetic requirements.

    Lead screw nuts are available in igus® plastics such as iglide® J which is our most widely use nut material; J4 for our lowest cost material; J350 for high temperature applications, especially ones that reach 350F; A180 for FDA compliance; iglide® R for vibration dampening properties; W300 for high static loads and simple adjustments; iglide® X for applications reaching 500F, or exposing the material to caustic chemicals; and E7 for light loads being moved a extremely high speeds.

  • Q: How long does a lead screw last?

    A: igus® offers an online product finder where the service life, required drive torque, and warning for noise/resonance are provided. You can also purchase the product immediately online as well as save the configuration. 

  • Q: Does igus® offer machining services to add journals, flats, etc.?

    A: Yes, igus® has this online configurator where you can customize your lead screw. You also receive a 2D and 3D drawing, a part number, as well as can easily save your configuration and order online.

  • Q: What different nut geometries do you offer and why?

    A: igus® has a number of different lead screw nuts. 

    • Cylindrical sleeve nuts that allow customers design freedom to machine the OD to best suit their application
    • Spanner flat sleeves carry pre-machined flats that can be quickly slip fit to a housing
    • Two, four, & six bolt flange nuts to adjust for different size constraints on mounting surfaces
  • Q: Do you offer motors and other accessories for your
    lead screw systems?

    A: Yes, igus® offers lead-screw motor designs along with a lifetime calculation tool as assorted mounting block options, shaft collars and other accessories

white paper cover acme lead screw system

White Paper: The ACME Lead Screw System

Download the Free White Paper Now

One of the most common lead screw geometries in North American manufacturing is the ACME lead screw system. Designed with a trapezoidal shape, a flank angle of 29 degrees and a higher pitch than fastening screws, ACME lead screws were made for applications requiring frequent positioning, including power transmission applications moving high axial loads. Learn about speeds and loads, lead screw geometry, nut materials, benefits of an ACME system, relevant industries and more.
Download the White Paper

Application Assistance

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