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Ready-to-install, self-lubricating slewing ring systems - the ideal solution for rotary applications

iglide® PRT slewing ring bearings are ready-to-install rotary joints for maintenance-free, dry operation. Ready-to-install and maintenance-free means engineering and purchasing teams have less to worry about. PRT slewing ring bearings can be used in almost any industry, and they represent a specially developed bearing solution optimized for self-lubricating, dry operation.

Unlike conventional bearings with metallic rollers or balls, iglide PRT slewing rings have a design based on maintenance-free sliding elements made of tribologically optimized iglide materials. A significant advantage of iglide materials is that they allow slewing rings to be used under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity, and chemical contact. The variety of materials, sizes, and features offers great flexibility and reliability in a variety of application areas.

  • Tested in the industry's largest test laboratory
  • 100% maintenance-free & self-lubricating
  • Lightweight, resistant to dirt, dust & corrosion
  • Review service life with our online configurator
  • Ready-to-install and easy-to-assemble
  • Many designs available from stock
Industries:  AGVs, Material Handling, Machine Tools, Cleanroom, FDA-Compliant
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PRT-01 Slewing Rings

Slewing rings, PRT-01
  • Simple installation
  • High rigidity and wear-resistant
  • Replaceable, maintenance-free sliding elements
  • Available in aluminum or 316 stainless steel
  • Also in ESD and FDA-compliant versions
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PRT-02 Slewing Rings

Slewing rings, PRT-02
  • Very lightweight
  • Outer ring made of anodized aluminum, 316 stainless steel or iglide® G
  • 30% lighter with plastic screws
  • Also available in FDA-compliant version
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PRT-04 Slewing Rings

Slewing rings, PRT-04
  • 60% lighter and 50% more space-saving
  • Wear-resistant & maintenance-free sliding elements
  • Easy replacement and extension
  • Easy to install with replaceable sliding elements
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PRT-05 Slewing Rings

Slewing Rings, PRT-05
  • Lighweight & cost-effective solid plastic
  • Durable combination of materials iglide® M260 and P4
  • Made from at least 97% regranulate
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Toothed Slewing Rings

Slewing rings, toothed
  • For very high loads and heavy-duty applications
  • Four tooth standards are available
  • Toothed belt profiles: T10, AT10, HTD8M
  • Stainless steel version available
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Slewing Ring Accessories

Slewing ring accessories
  • Manual clamps & aluminum drive shafts
  • Clamping levers and gliding pads available
  • Distance rings made of aluminum or POM
  • New: steel spacing ring for heavy-duty
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How PRT Slewing Rings Work

how slewing rings work Discover how PRT slewing rings work and learn more about the unique design of PRT slewing rings and how that design contributes to the advantages offered by PRT.
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iglide® PRT Slewing Ring Product Finder

slewing ring product finder

With just a few clicks, the iglide® PRT slewing ring product finder picks the slewing ring bearing suitable for your application and calculates the expected service life.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  What is a PRT slewing ring?

    A:  igus® PRT slewing rings are a sliding bearing alternative to the traditional ball bearing slewing ring. They use our iglide® sliding bearing elements, which create a completely maintenance-free solution that is lighter in weight and completely rebuildable.

  • Q:  Which orientation can the PRTs be assembled?

    A:  PRTs can be mounted horizontally and vertically, so they are very adaptable. The symmetrical design with bearing liners on both sides means they can also be used overhead.

  • Q:  How do you install a slewing ring?

    A:  Slewing rings can be mounted in several ways depending on the application; it is best to refer to our assembly instructions and mounting instructions.

  • Q:  What are the differences between PRT-1, -02, and -04?

    A:  The PRT-01 is our classic slewing ring bearing. Due to its robust construction, it is characterized by a high torsional strength, and is the most durable PRT. The variety of designs ranges from a stainless-steel version with iglide® F2 sliding elements for ESD conformity, as well as toothed versions to be driven by belts or spur gearing.

    The PRT-02 was specifically designed to be lighter weight and more economical. To do this, the series makes use of either plastic outer rings or all plastic rings, with some versions even offering plastic hardware. These could be used in non-magnetic applications such as an x-ray machine. The -02 series will have lower load and tilting movement capacity compared to the -01 series.

    The PRT-04 is our newest high-performer in our product range. It is 60% lighter, 50% more compact, and 20% more cost-effective than PRT-01. In addition, we designed this series to be modular and have greatly expanded the available options such as detents, internal toothing, and cleanroom versions. Learn more about all of the different styles by reviewing our PRT-04 series infographic.

  • Q:  Can you offer a stainless steel PRT?

    A:  Yes, of course! We have a few standard catalog stainless steel versions and any PRT system using metal rings can be produced using 316 stainless steel.

  • Q:  Do you offer custom slewing ring solutions?

    A: Customization is possible! If you have a different mounting hole pattern, bolt size requirement or custom feature that needs to be added, please provide us with your drawing/design and we can discuss the requirements together.

  • Q:  Can I get PRT slewing rings that are FDA-compliant? Are PRT
    slewing rings suitable for use in contact with food?

    A:  Yes. An an option, FDA-compliant PRT slewing rings with iglide® A180 plain bearings and stainless steel rings are available.

  • Q:  What is the heaviest load iglide® PRT slewing rings can handle?

    A:  This depends on the size of the slewing ring. The maximum permissible load on one of the largest igus® slewing rings, PRT-01-300, is 33,000 lbs. For the smallest model, PRT-4-00 Micro - for applications with light weight and compact space requirements - the maximum load is 786 lbs statically and 224 lbs during movement.

  • Q:  What is the maximum possible speed for PRT slewing rings?

    A:  The maximum speed depends on the size. For the largest possible iglide PRT slewing ring, PRT-01-300, this is 50rpm; for the smallest, PRT-01-20, it is 300rpm. As it is a sliding bearing, the surface area of the bearing liners combined with load and speed will have an impact on this.

  • Q:  How big are the tolerances of the PRT slewing ring bearings?

    A:  The PRTs' range of tolerance is independent of size, and amounts to 0.25 millimeters both radially and axially.

    The axial run-out indicates the maximum height difference for a cycle. It amounts to 0.1 millimeters. The radial run-out indicates the maximum deflection in radial direction during one circulation and amounts to 0.2 millimeters.

  • Q:  What is the best way to drive a PRT slewing ring?

    A:  If the slewing ring will not be hand driven, we offer a few options.

    We offer four different gears of the outer ring for our PRT-01 and PRT-04 slewing ring bearings. For a toothed belt drive, you can choose between the conventional toothed belt profiles T10, AT10, or HRD8M. Additionally, a classic spur gearing according to DIN 3967 is available.

    For an even more compact design, the PRT-04 is also available with a toothed inner ring according to DIN 3967.

    Combine our spur gear version with one of our new iglide® molded gears or have a custom gear 3D printed using our online print service. You can also check out our worm gear joints, which are ready to be directly coupled to motors.

  • Q:  Are there any requirements for the surface in the bolting area?

    A:  Yes, the flatness must be 0.05 millimeters and the surface should have a hardness of at least HBW 50.

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