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Plastic ball bearings, guide rollers, and
ball transfer units that are grease-free

xiros® plastic ball bearings can reduce costs by 40% compared to metal ball bearings

xiros® plastic ball bearings require no external lubrication, are corrosion resistant (when used with glass or plastic balls) and operate quietly, making them a cost-effective alternative to steel ball bearings. Comprised of a tribopolymer blend, the all-plastic components are lightweight, chemical resistant and non-magnetic and can safely be used in medical or food processing environments. While the xiros® plastic material consists of a blend of base plastics, solid lubricants, fibers and filaments, the balls are typically made of glass, plastic or stainless steel.  All bearings are also rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art test lab. Use the xiros® service life calculator to quickly determine a ball bearing suitable for your application, and then calculate its expected service life. Have a unique design or need for a custom ball bearing in a specific shape, material or quantity? Click here to request a custom design with the ability to upload a CAD file and describe your unique application requirements.  Why choose xiros plastic ball bearings?  Learn more about the unique design and the advantages.

  • 100% dry-running and maintenance-free
  • Highly corrosion-resistant (washable)
  • Non-magnetic (when using glass or polymer balls)
  • Can be used from -148˚F to +302˚F
  • FDA-compliant
  • Lightweight – 60% lighter than metal
  • No minimum order quantity, shipping within 24-48 hours
  • Reference the Product Catalogue
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In addition to the parts below, we also have flange, thrust, slewing ring ball bearings, pillow block ball bearings, overhead conveyor rollers & more!

Radial deep groove ball bearings

radial ball bearings
  • Available in a variety of different plastic materials
  • For temperatures up to +248°F/+120°C
  • Available with spherical outer diameter
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Guide rollers

guide rollers
  • Roller materials: aluminum, carbon or PVC
  • Lightweight and robust design
  • Low inertia
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Ball bearing rollers

ball bearing rollers and transfer rollers
  • Load capacity of up to 1,500N (~337 lbs) possible
  • Dry-running and maintenance-free
  • Long service life
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Request a Custom Design / Upload a CAD File

Does your application have a distinctive design, a need for a custom component, or extreme environmental conditions that your ball bearings are exposed to? Request a custom design with the ability to upload a CAD file and describe your unique application requirements.
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Ball Bearing Service Life Calculator

service life calculator

Quickly find the perfect ball bearing for your application. Simply enter your requirements and receive suitable ball bearings with an estimated service life statement. Get a quote, download a PDF or add to cart to check out.

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Guide Rollers Configurator

ball bearing guide rollers application tool

Quickly find the perfect guide roller for your application. Simply enter your requirements and receive suitable options for guide rollers. Get a quote, download CAD files or add to cart and check out.

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Discuss your project with a ball bearings expert

Whether you're interested in end-to-end, fully assembled solutions or looking to build your own customizable project, let us assist you with a solution based on your specific application and requirements. Contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 965-2496 to discuss your project today!

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  What is xiros®?

    A:  xiros® is a trademark name by igus® and it is the name we give to our polymer ball bearing product line. Historically, igus was known for sliding bearings rather than the rolling balls found within a ball bearing, but after many years of material development and testing, the xiros product group was launched. We currently offer deep groove radial ball bearings, axial ball bearings, ball transfers, & slewing rings, as well as labeling and guide rollers.

  • Q:  Where is xiros® used?

    A:  xiros® bearings are offered by igus® and selected by our customers in order to solve application issues in a way that provides longer life over plain bearing or metallic solutions, while also often being cost-effective. xiros, being made of polymer races and stainless, glass, or polymer balls, require no additional lubrication. Many of our successful applications are in the food and packaging, automotive, and medical industries. We have versions for chemical resistance, FDA-compliance, high-temperature, ESD, underwater, and even non-magnetic with the use of glass balls.

  • Q:  How is xiros® tested?

    A:  xiros® bearings are continuously tested in our lab at our worldwide headquarters in Germany. We apply multiple loads, speeds, and sequences to detrmine the products' life expectancy for a range of sizes and use this data to build our online expert system. The expert system allows you to approximate the lifetime of the product based on the provided application details.

  • Q:  How is xiros® made?

    A:  xiros® is made up of several components. If we just focus on the radial deep groove ball bearings, they are made up of a molded inner race, molded outer race, and a molded cage. We then assemble with either a stainless steel, glass, or polymer ball depending on the application. The design of the assembly is so that we are able to snap the bearing assemblies together and they can't become dismantled in the application. All molding and assembly happen in our factory in Cologne, Germany. We can make custom solutions in high volumes using this same method, and for lower-quantity solutions, we can machine using our plastic bar stock material.

  • Q:  Are there any FDA-approved xiros® materials?

    A:  MAny of our xiros® materials are FDA-approved, for example our B180 and A500 materials combined with 316 stainless steel balls.

  • Q:  Are xiros® bearings long-lasting?

    A: All of the xiros® bearings provide high wear resistance, but each material and design will offer a unique service life. Use the service life calculator to find out more, or contact igus to discuss your application further!

  • Q:  What makes xiros® bearings unique?

    A:  The most unique aspect of the product group is the materials used to create them. The special materials allow the ball bearings to be used in specialty applications where other solutions fail prematurely. The materials are completely maintenance-free, requiring no external lubrication, are lighter weight, and in many cases, can offer a cost savings.

  • Q:  How can I configure my roller?

    A:  You can use the xiros expert for guide rollers. This requires some simple inputs such as diameters and lengths, along with load and speed. The system will give you a list of suitable parts given the provided information.

  • Q:  Can you supply shafts for the xiros® guide rollers?

    A:  We can supply shafts in all materials, from aluminum to stainless steel. Shafts can be supplied as a standard length, or machined to suit with additional threads/keyways, etc. Check out our drylin linear shafting product pages!

  • Q:  Can you supply a roller longer than the maximum length you show
    on the website?

    A:  Yes we can - we would need to discuss the application in detail with you, looking at the overall speeds and loads to determine if a longer roller can be produced. Deflection will also be an important thing to consider here.

  • Q:  What must be kept in mind when ball bearings are installed and measured?

    A:  Due to the manufacturing process, different rules apply to the measurement as well as the installation compared to metal or ceramic ball bearings. The outer ring of the polymer ball bearings has a conical shape. This simplifies the installation in a suitable housing (with the narrow side first). After press-fit into a housing machined to an H7 tolerance, the bearing clearance is reduced. Therefore, the ball bearings must be measured over the entire width; starting at an angle of 90 from the injection point.

  • Q:  What is DIN 625?

    A:  The DIN 625 specifies the dimensions for single row radial deep groove ball bearings. It is the best known standard in the rolling bearing sector.

  • Q:  When should I change my ball bearing?

    A:  It depends on the bearing, but when the following issues occur, the bearings need to be changed:

  • Q:  Where are xiros® bearings used?

    A:  xiros bearings are being used in many industries and applications. Some examples include x-ray and medical devices (non-magnetic and FDA-approved), pellet stoves (high temperature properties), pool cleaners (corrosion-resistant and low moisture absorption), and labeling machines (low friction and lightweight).

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