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Cable strain relief for e-chain cable carriers & dynamic applications

igus® Chainfix strain reliefs

igus® strain reliefs were developed specifically for use in e-chains® and dynamic applications. The combination of chainflex® cable materials and the contacting plastic components of the Chainfix strain relief systems from igus® are designed for high cable durability and maximum retention force. igus® offers the best solution with regard to costs and benefits for a broad range of applications. For instance, the proven Chainfix strain relief clamps for long travels or rough applications, or the Chainfix strain relief nuggets for simple and low-priced strain relief solutions igus® Chainfix strain reliefs have been tested under field conditions and have been in use for years by customers world-wide.

Information of strain relief

Chainfix clamp

Strain reliefs for e-chain® with igus® clamps
and igus® pressure elements.

Long service life for dynamic applications
Integrable in igus® KMA mounting bracket.
High tensile strength through ribbed plastic troughs.

igus® tiewrap clamps

Tiewrap clamps as individual parts

Individual component for control cabinet design or mechanical engineering.
Accessories for igus® e-chain systems®

Chainfix clip

Chainfix clip is a series of clamps and bottom parts
made of plastic for cable diameters from 4 to 24 mm.

Quick installation without tool.
2 to 3 positions one upon the other possible.
High tensile strengths with single layer installation.

Strain relief

Chainfix Nugget

Small strain reliefs for fastening of cables up to Ø .79 in.

For all KMA mounting brackets with C-profile option.
Simple to mount.

Strain relief separator

Strain relief separator

Separator with integrated strain relief teeth

Easy to mount, completely without screws.
For use on the first or last chain link.

Strain relief block strain relief

igus® strain relief block

The igus® strain relief block is a new kind of strain relief specially designed for hoses

Modular system, hence very suitable.
Saves space:
Hose diameter 4.3 to 14 mm.

Strain relief connector system

igus® plastic strain relief connector system

Cables can be strain-relieved by plastic fasteners in a confined space with PU components.

Modular system, customized strain relief options
Quick installation
Standard screw connection
Customized production from a quantity of 1.

Strain relief

igus® CVF strain relief

Strain relief element outside of the chain cross section

Easy strain relief for cables, even in enclosed tubes stepped structure Trouble-free retrofit assembly possible as well with different connectors

Assembly tool

Reduce installation time with this new assembly tool

  • Assembly is simplified especially in difficult to access areas
  • Big savings in assembly time
  • Convenient insertion of separators and shelves
  • Grip and mount can be ordered separately and are easy to replace

Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

Scott Parker

Sales and Product Manager, e-chain®


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