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Online Tools and Configurators

e-chain® cable carriers

e-chain cable carrier
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chainflex® cables

chainflex cables
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iglide® bearing and bushings

iglide bearings
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drylin® linear bearings and slides

drylin linear bearing and slides
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drylin® Linear Actuators

linear actuators
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dryspin® Lead Screws & Nuts

lead screws and nuts
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Gantries and Robotic Arms

low cost automation
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Custom Parts Services

3D & SLS Printing, Custom Parts
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readycable® pre-assembled cables

readycable tool
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igubal® spherical bearings

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xiros® ball bearings

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igubal® PRT slewing ring

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iglide® Gears

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drylin® Motors

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iglide® Barstock and Platestock

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e-chain® cable carrier tools

e-chain® Expert Configurator

The system configurator for e-chains® allows you to build the exact model for your needs. Select chainflex® cables to be used in the e-chain®, specific dimensions, types of movement, environment, interior separation and strain relief to create the ideal system. A parts lists and option to send the final product right to your cart is also available.

Use the Configurator

Classic System Configurator

The classic system configurator is a straightforward tool to help you generate the exact energy chain system for your needs. Enter a system type, series, and dimensions, and you can directly place chainflex® cables into the e-chain® as desired. Configurations can be provided in 3D.

Use the Configurator

Robot Dresspack Configurator

The Robot Dresspack Configurator is your complete aid for equipping robots with cable carrier systems. Choose your robot type, select an e-chain® in desired size, arrange the lateral connection and add directly to your shopping cart. All individual parts are grouped under one overall part number for each robot axis.

Use the Configurator

Service Life Calculator

With the service life calculator for e-chains®, you can discover the approximate service life of your desired cable management system. Choose the acceleration, speed, fill weight and length of travel, and you will be given the calculated result. You can also use the sliding scale to indicate which external influences could affect service life, such as dirt, impact or temperature.

Use the Calculator

e-chain® CAD Library

No registration needed and completely free of charge.  Easily download CAD models of e-chains in various file formats.

Use the e-chain® CAD Library

e-skin® flat cleanroom cable configurator

The configurator allows you to choose cable carrier type speicifcally for cleanroom applications.  You can also choose cables and how they are positioned within the carrier.  Search by part # or chain series and enter your requirements and links, plus mounting brackets and strain relief.

chainflex® cable tools

chainflex® Product Finder

The chainflex® product finder quickly reports all eligible cables that meet your specific requirements. Simply select your desired cable type, enter the parameters of your application and browse the recommended options. You will then be redirected to the online shop, where you can place your order.

Use the Product Finder

chainflex® Service Life Calculator

The service life calculator for chainflex® cables reports an accurate estimation of cable lifetime based on your application’s parameters. Enter cable type, travel distance, working temperature and bending radii and within seconds you will receive an accurate lifetime prediction for the cable.

Use the Calculator

readycable® Product Finder

Check out the readycable® product finder to instantly receive a list of cables that meet your needs. The tool computes the most suitable assembled cables for your application, and orders can then directly be placed. Cables are drawn from a database of 3,200 cables in accordance with 22 manufacturers’ standards.

e-skin® flat cleanroom cable configurator

Use the configurator to find suitable cables to fit within our e-skin® flat cable carriers built for cleanroom applications.  Drag-and-drop to connect up to 6 pods side by side in a layer, up to 3 layers.  Add either cleanroom cables or various categories of chainflex® bulk cable.

iglide® bearing & bushing tools

Service Life Calculator

Wondering how an iglide® bearing will perform in your application? The plain bearing configurator takes your bearing requirements and provides an in-depth analysis of suitable iglide® materials and their service life calculations. Users can compare materials and have the results compiled into reports.

Use the service life calculator

Plain bearing material selector

The plain bearing material selector instantly reports the iglide® materials suited for your requirements. Enter parameters such as static surface pressure levels and application temperatures, and the tool provides the materials that are eligible. Bearings are even categorized by estimated shipping times.

Use the material selector

Spherical bearing configurator

This configurator tool is a simple, three-step expert system. Enter your requirements for the self-aligning igubal® bearings, and a breakdown of solutions that will work for you is reported. Bearings can be customized, and results can be compared or sent directly to the online shop.

Use the bearing configurator

Plastic ball bearing configurator

The ball bearing configurator determines, in just a few steps, the ball bearing that is suitable for your application. Enter dimensions, loads and other parameters, and expected service life will also be calculated. You can request additional information or submit an order.

Use the configurator 

Slewing ring configurator

With this tool, users can input their requirements and be provided with appropriate PRT slewing ring bearings. Once the desired bearing is selected, it can be configured with custom designs and accessories. Service life predictions and costs are also provided, and bearings can be purchased directly in the tool.

Visit our Slewing ring configurator

Bearing CAD

igus® provides downloadable CAD files with our free software. All plain, PRT, spherical and ball bearings can be found with extensive information, and 2D or 3D CAD models are easily generated.

Get bearing CAD files

Bar stock expert system

Enter your requirements for bearings made of iglide® bar stock and the expert tool provides an extensive suitability and service life analysis of the respective iglide® materials. Compare materials and get product comparisons reports, or send us a direct inquiry for your individual iglide® bar stock plain bearings.

Gears Service Life Calculator

Calculate the expected service life of individual gears quickly and easily.  Request a quote, Download a STEP file to use in our CAD Library our us our Gear 3D SLS Printing Service.

drylin® linear bearings, slides and shafts

Linear Guide Configurator

With this all-encompassing drylin® tool for linear components, users can find and configure a linear guide to suit certain application requirements. Further, system service life can be calculated to get an idea of how long the linear guide will last. Configuration orders can also be placed and CAD files can be downloaded.

Use the Linear Guide Configurator

Linear Component CAD

Looking for a quick, simple way to get the CAD files you need? Our CAD software has all igus® products ready for you to browse through, with the in-depth information you need. You’ll find all drylin® technology with part numbers, product descriptions, various views in 3D and 2D, downloads and more. 

Get linear component CAD files

Linear shaft configurator (metric)

Use the configurator to quickly find the right shaft for your application and configure it according to your requirements. You can then order the shaft for purchase or request further information from us if needed.

Use the configurator

Rolling Bearing Configurator

Configure your own roller bearing system easily, see technical data and pricing.  Get a quote or add to your cart and checkout.

​​​​​​​Use the Configurator

drylin® linear actuators

Linear Actuator Configurator

This Linear Actuator Configurator is a comprehensive system for finding components based on your requirements, configuring your own unique system, calculating service life, downloading CAD files and placing an order—all in one place. By simply entering your parameters, the recommended slide table/linear actuators will be reported, which you can select and add to your shopping cart.

Use the Linear Actuator Configurator

HTS Screw Driven Actuator Configurator

Build your own HTS drive system! This tool takes your application parameters and system requirements (such as machine temperature, shaft material and installation size), offers options to add journal machining or accessories, and presents your configured system. If you’re ready to order, send your HTS to the shopping cart.

Use the HTS Configurator

Linear Actuators with Motors CAD

Receive CAD files instantly with the igus® tool. Select the drylin® linear bearing product group, and you will see the range of drylin® product lines to choose from. Once you find the exact product you need more information on, you’ll be able to see the CAD models in various views with downloadable PDF versions.

Linear Actuators with Motors CAD

Motor expert

Simply enter your application requirements and browse various motor options.  See pricing, add to cart and checkout!

Use the Motor Expert

dryspin® lead screw & nuts

Lead Screw Configurator

This tool is ideal for users looking for the right lead screw component for their application. The digital system quickly calculates the best components and their predicted service life based on entered machine requirements. Complete systems can be configured, and CAD files are also available.

Use the Lead Screw configurator

Lead Screw Product Finder

The dryspin® Lead Screw Product Finder is for configuring lead screw systems. Dimensioned drawings for your configuration are generated directly, and you can then order the system, download the CAD files or request further information. The interface is very user-friendly and information is reported within seconds.

Use the dryspin® Lead Screw Product Finder

Lead Screws and Nuts CAD

With the igus® CAD software, you can find the lead screw product you need from a wide range of options. Simply select the product group, product came, 2D or 3D format, then create the CAD model by clicking “generate.” You can also import the model directly into your CAD system, or download to your computer.

Get lead screw and nuts CAD files

Lead Screw Assemblies with Motor Expert

Simply enter your parameters for your lead screws and nuts and browse fully assembled solutions with various motor options.  View pricing, add to cart and checkout!

Use the Expert

Gantries and Robotics Arms

Rebel Cobot Configurator

Easily configure a Rebel cobot using an intuitive CAD interface.  Customize up to 6 joints, add a 7th axis slide with a cable carrier and integration support.  Ser pricing and either get a quote or submit a request to purchase.

​​​​​​​Use the Configurator

robolink configurator

With the robolink® configurator, you can quickly and easily configure your individual robolink® D robotic arm using an intuitive CAD interface. Select individual components step by step, simulate movement, export parts lists and more. You can also download configurations, request more information or transfer products to the shopping cart.

Use the robolink configurator

Gantry Configurator (beta)

With the gantry configurator (beta version), you can configure any type of gantry, whether XY Actuator (Single Rail), XY Gantry or XYZ gantry.  Customize to your unique specifications, requirements and size, and download or add to cart for purchase.

Dispensing Gantry Configurator

Use the configurator for the dispensing of adhesives and sealants onto complex surface configurations. Enter your application requirements, download CAD files, get a quote or add to cart to order.

igus® Robot Control Software (iRC)

The free iRC software enables you to control a gantry or delta robot, 7th axis system, robotic arm or cobot. Over 100 sample programs, intuitive operation with 3D interface, connection via Ethernet/WLAN, test with this easy plug-and-play option!
Browse and Request the iRC

robolink robotic arm CAD

Get the robotic CAD files you need with our online tool! This free program is stored with all robolink® joints, adapters, articulated arms, motor kits, gear drives and more. The components’ CAD information is available in various views with downloadable PDFs.

Get robolink CAD files

7th Axis Robot Configurator

Choose your robot manufacturer, model and DoF, horizontal or vertical alignment, path and speed. Get pricing, submit a request or contact an expert. You can even upload a photo/video of your application for custom consultation.

Custom Parts Services

3D Printing Service

igus® 3D printed parts are made of high-performance plastics for extreme wear resistance. With this tool, users can easily upload STEP files, determine desired iglide® materials, view prices, order parts or request a quote—all with the touch of a button. Comparable iglide® wear rates can also be reported.

Use the 3D Printing Service

3D gear configurator

Configure 3D printed gear wheels and use them directly, without rework, here. Diameters and specific measurements can be entered, and gear designs can be detailed. 3D views of the configurations are also automatically generated.

Use the 3D gear configurator

3D & bar stock CAD

This tool allows users to download CAD files for 3D printed bearings, gears, rollers and bar stock. Views of components appear in both 2D and 3D, and detailed product information is available. Individual designs can also be easily uploaded and configured.

Bar stock configurator

The bar stock configurator is an expert system that provides the iglide® bar stock that is most compatible with your application based on loads, motion and housing. Service lives of the components can be calculated, and configurations can be directly purchased. 

Bearing Designer (FastLine Service)

Choose bearing type, material and input dimensions to see pricing for 3D printed, injection molded, barstock and machined options. You can also upload a CAD file or use our product finder.

​​​​​​​Use the Bearing Designer


Gears Service Life Calculator

Calculate the expected service life of individual gears quickly and easily.  Request a quote, Download a STEP file to use in our CAD Library our us our Gear 3D SLS Printing Service.

​​​​​​​Use the Service Life Calculator

Apiro® modular robotic gearbox configurator

With the configurator, design workspaces for single and multiple DoF variations by your application requirements. Download CAD files, get a quote or add to cart to purchase.

drylin® Motors

Motor Expert

Simply enter your application requirements and browse various motor options.  See pricing, add to cart and checkout!

Use the Motor Expert

Lead Screw Assemblies with Motor Expert

Simply enter your parameters for your lead screws and nuts and browse fully assembled solutions with various motor options.  View pricing, add to cart and checkout!

Use the Expert

iglide® Barstock and Platestock

Bar Stock Expert System

Enter your requirements for plastic plain bearings made of iglide® bar stock and get an extensive suitability and service life analysis of the respective iglide® materials. You can compare materials and download a report or submit an inquiry for quote.


Browse and configure all barstock materials and sizes within our free CAD Library.


Browse and configure all platestock materials and sizes within our free CAD Library.

xiros® ball bearings

xiros® Ball Bearing Service Life Calculator

Quickly find the perfect ball bearing for your application: simply enter your requirements and receive suitable ball bearings with a service life statement.

xiros® guide rollers expert

Quickly find the perfect guide roller for your application: simply enter your requirements and receive suitable guide rollers.

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