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igus® motion plastics® for wind power

Plastic products from igus® are used in wind power stations - in their development as well as the manufacturing facilities right up to their commissioning.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Safe torsional and circular movements
  • Cable protection against vibration
  • Small installation spaces, tight radii
  • Maintenance and lubrication-free bearings
  • Failsafe cables with 36 months warranty
  • Reduce downtime and increase the service life of cables and hoses

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Products suitable for wind energy


RBR rotary modules

  • For secure circular movements
  • Ideal for rotary movements with high fill weights involving restricted spaces
  • Angle of rotation up to 900°

chainflex cables

Twistable cables

  • For use in torsion applications with +/- 90° with 1m cable length
  • Flame-retardant
  • 36 month guarantee

smart plastics

smart plastics

  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extended service life
  • Increase equipment efficiency



  • Turn 7000°
  • Rotary movement in extremely confined spaces
  • compact, modular, cost-effective
  • Easy filling

triflex R

triflex® R energy chains

  • Reliable energy supply 
  • High torsion resistance
  • Large filling space
  • Tight bend radius

drylin® W linear guides

drylin® W linear guides for sliding doors

  • a wide variety of single and double rails
  • anodized aluminum or 316 (1.4571) stainless steel
  • a wide variety of carriage assembly options (single and double rail)
  • self-lubricating and maintenance-free
  • quiet operation
  • up to 40% more cost-effective than recirculating ball bearings


With our online tools from all product areas you can find and configure in-stock igus® products in minutes.

e-chains® expert

System design and calculation

chainflex® product finder

Finding the right cable in just 3 steps.

Expert for linear plain bearings

System selection & service life calculation with CAD

Development and production of wind power stations

Painting & welding

Painting & welding

Robotic applications with triflex® R

Demanding 6-axis robotic applications

Fiber rod option for the partial reinforcement

High tensile strength through ball-and-socket joint

Transportation & assembly

Transportation &

igus® products are used for instance in heavy
Transporters, extendable vehicles, cranes and lifting elements

With the igus® assembly service you also save time and money on maintenance and installation of your e-chain system®

Finding, configuring and ordering products made easy

Reduce your process costs with the igus® online tools:

Product selection, dimensioning and calculation

Service life calculation

Easy ordering

Find other examples of application

Are you looking for practically tested application examples in a certain industry?
Here you can browse through already implemented customer applications and filter them according to your specifications.

* Guaranteed for 36 months or 10 million double strokes (up to 5 million double strokes for cables in the chainflex® M family). Whichever comes first. The number of double strokes depends on the type of installation and cable quality. This is described in the current catalog, in the data sheets and in the service life calculator.