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Flexible and plastic, multi-axis cable
carriers ideal for SCARA robots

High-speed applications, such as SCARA robots, can cause unsupported corrugated tubes to whip from side to side while the robot is in motion. Help stabilize them with e-rib, which is a highly engineered plastic “rib” that fills the joints of your existing corrugated tubes. It easily clips on and off and can be paired with mounting brackets for reinforcement at each end. We offer e-rib in a nominal width of 29mm with additional sizes coming soon. The sizes are independent of the corrugated tubing manufacturer.

We rigorously test all of our cable carriers each year inside our 41,000ft2 testing facility at our headquarters in Cologne, Germany to ensure that your solution is durable and long-lasting. The e-rib, along with our other multi-axis cable carriers and flexible cables, areguaranteed to last 36 months.


  • Modular system
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Can be delivered as an assembled system
  • Customizable for easy adjustment to different types of SCARA robots
  • Safe guidance of cables and hoses
  • Automotive production
  • Medical laboratories
  • Vertical assembly
  • Palletizing

Why the igus® solution?

Reinforcement for existing corrugated tubing systems. Easily clip the e-rib on and off the tubes to stabilize their movement and prevent unwanted sideways breakouts. e-rib sizes are independent of the corrugated tube manufacturer and start at nominal widths of 29mm.


The Scara Cable Solution consists of 3 elements, which match the respective SCARA robot or are adapted to it.  
1. Rotary bearing, moving end: TR.SCS.
2. Rotary bearing, fixed end: TR.SCS.
3. Corrugated hose with e-rib: TR.SCS.29.LLLL.0


SCARA Connection 1 - Moving End (Ball Screw)

TR.SCS. Series$       188.52
TR.SCS. Series$       202.82
TR.SCS. Series$       197.93
TR.SCS. Series$       212.65
TR.SCS.$       194.04
TR.SCS.$       202.38

SCARA Connection 2 - Fixed End

  • TR.SCS. - Swivel Connection
  • TR.SCS. - Static Connection

SCARA Hose + E-Rib

  • TR.SCS.29.500   -    500mm
  • TR.SCS.29.1000 - 1,000mm
  • TR.SCS.29.1100 - 1,100mm
  • TR.SCS.29.1200 - 1,200mm
  • TR.SCS.29.1300 - 1,300mm
  • TR.SCS.29.1400 - 1,400mm
  • TR.SCS.29.1500 - 1,500mm
  • TR.SCS.29.2000 - 2,000mm

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