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Beverage technology




Best chemical resistants to typical detergents (hydrogen peroxide, bases, peracetic acid) – hot splash allowed


Extremely wear resistant at high cycle rates

No damage oft soft shafts

Inspection technology

Inspection technology


ready-made drylin® leadscrew system solutions save time and money

Format adjustments from a single source

Clearance-free solutions guarantee good results when inspected

High static power absorption allows high torque load

Palletizing & Handling technology

Palletizing & Handling technology


Low weight = reduction in moving masses

Freedom from lubricants means no product contamination

Complete leadscrew system solutions save time and money





Maintenance-free, dry operation without contaminating the filling product or the label

Good chemical resistance to typical detergents

Short linear strokes without damage of soft shafts




Good chemical resistance against typical detergents (Hydrogen peroxide, bases, peracetic acid)

Maintenance-free operation without spoiling labels / filling product

Individual special parts possible

Blow Molding Machines

Blow Molding Machines


Maintenance-free, dry operation without additional lubrication – no grease on bottle blanks

Low weight means reduction of moving mass

Low installation space

Extremely wear-resistant at high frequencies and short strokes

Knife-edge applications

Knife-edge Applications


Complete avoidance of lubrication on the belt deflection

Lower driving power compared to the gliding knife edge

Longer service life of the belt

Injection molded iglide® rollers offer cost advantage compared to rotated PET-P version

Better coefficients of wear compared to PET-P

Current News for the Beverage technology

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials

Tribo coating … custom

Is it the beginning of new possibilities? The requirements for the tribo-coating of metallic components are as varied as the sliding partner.

Injection-molding method

Special components made of high-performance polymers and manufactured by igus® using the injection-molding method

… with clamp lever …

The new alternative to the terminal block with Allen screw allows the clamping of the PRT's with a handle.

… new intermediate sizes of bar stock

New iglide® bar stock diameters of 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 mm for more efficient production of self-lubricating and maintenance free components ...

... wide variety ...

The fast-and-slow-motion specialist iglide® J is available as tube in three diameters.

iglide® product finder for semi-finished goods

iglide® product finder, quickly find the right iglide® material

... tribo-tape in new widths from stock ...

Even more variety in stock! Program extended with the widths 20, 50 and 500 mm (0.5 mm thickness).



xiros® slewing ring bearing

Maintenance-free, dry operation with low coefficients of friction

...simply screw

Fast and easy to install in many standard tubes.

... Control it remotely

A self-lubricating linear axis, configured ready-to-install with drylin® stepper and DC motors. As a single axis or in the gantry structure ... until now.