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Plastic, maintenance-free solutions for the material handling industry

igus products® have various applications to facilitate material flow and intralogistics, which provide specific solutions for a smooth operation in your warehouse

igus® offers innovative energy chain systems and guides for shelving systems used for pallet storage and retrieval machines, highly dynamic automatic mini-load system (MLS), or mini-loads and multi-shuttle systems.  For each type of shelving system, we can put together the right system from our huge modular kit.  For other machinery and equipment for intralogistics, such as industrial trucks, lift tables and palletizers, we can find the perfect solution consisting of energy chains, highly flexible chainflex® cables and a variety of maintenance-free and self-lubricating plastic plain bearings.  

Our e-chains® are used in pallet storage and retrieval units (SRUs), dynamic automated small parts stores or multishuttle systems.  They're also used in industrial vehicles, driverless transport systems (DTSs), lifting tables and palletizers, we will find the best possible solution from energy chains, cables and iglide® plastic bearings.

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igus® polymer products for intralogistics and material handling

guidelok slimline PS energy chains


  • Safe and reliable cable guides for vertical storage and retrieval units
  • Cost-effective and lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Low-noise movement

Guidelok vertical, space saving

drylin® W linear guide

drylin W

  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to dirt due to dry operation
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Quiet operation and lightweight

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chainflex® cables

chainflex cables

  • 36 month chainflex® guarantee
  • Unharnessed or harnessed
  • Developed for moving applications
  • Predictable service life

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material handling sample box

Request a free material handling sample box!

The sample box contains the most important igus® products for the sectors of material handling and intralogistics as well as an industry brochure with information on typical applications.

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More information on products used in material handling

chainflex® servo cable CF29

Servo cable CF29

Ideal for deep-freeze applications down to -35 °C

New servo cable (high-end) with TPE outer jacket and 36 month guaranteed service life. For extremely heavy duty applications. 6.8 x d bend factor in e-chains®.

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guidelok slimline "P. S"

guidelok slimline "P" and "P. S"

Safe and fast up to 50 m

For vertical applications, especially for all kinds of storage and retrieval equipment, with even lighter components and especially for narrow aisles. Locking levers and guide rails prevent the energy chain from swinging and jumping out. Completely made of plastic

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