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igus® Canada

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2023 manus awards

Calling all applicants! The 11th biannual 2023 manus® awards competition for innovative plastic plain and linear bearing applications is coming up soon. Winners will receive up to $3,000 and a trip to the awards ceremony in Cologne, Germany. The submission deadline is February 10th, so apply now!

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triflex® R TRX for industrial robots

The telescopic triflex® R TRX combines our multi-axis cable carrier and our retraction system all in one. This combination enables a space-saving installation with compensation of up to 40% of the carrier's length. Learn more about how TRX can help improve your industrial robot applications.

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Automated Manufacturing Solutions

Our line of low cost, maintenance-free robots provides your manufacturing clients with a technical advantage over the competition. We have a wide range of single-rail, XY and XYZ gantries, 7th axis robots, two and three axis delta robots, robotic arms and cobots, and more!

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