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Easy to install, highly durable

E2/000 series energy chain

The E2/000 e-chain® is the fourth generation of the plastic cable carrier. Its optimized design allows for easy installation, low noise operation, space savings and extended service life for cables and hoses.

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Technology for high helix threads

Self-lubricating lead screws and nuts

The dryspin lead screw drives and self-lubricating plastic nuts are specifically designed for wear resistance. Matching plastic nut and spindle geometries offer extended service life for high-helix lead screw threads.

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About us

  • The worldwide expert for motion plastic solutions
  • Established leader in mechanical engineering
  • Leading manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings
  • Represented in 35 countries, headquartered in Cologne
  • igus® operates the largest test laboratories and factories in its sector