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drylin® linear bearing application examples

Oil- and maintenance-free

drylin® linear bearings and linear guides are designed to operate without lubrication or maintenance. This means that they are suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from medical and laboratory equipment, packaging machinery, food processing equipment, and applications in dirty or dusty environments.

Since the plastic sliding elements that replace ball bearings are produced through injection molding, the drylin® range offers a significant price advantage.

You can read some application examples below.

drylin overview application

Packaging machine

drylin® W linear guides in a demanding application on a packaging machine running 24 hours a day.

Drilling rig handling system

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of portable drilling rigs uses drylin® R linear bearings in this unique, automatic rod-handling system.

Lab equipment for liquid handling

drylin® trapezoidal lead screw drives are used in this laboratory equipment for liquid handling.

Physisorption and chemisorption analyzers

drylin® R replaced recirculating ball bearings that required frequent maintenance and re-lubrication.

Transport incubator for babies

drylin® W linear guides exceed infection control protocol, fit with the clean aesthetic and offer a cost-effective, silent, low-maintenance solution.

Material handling equipment

Lightweight and low cost: drylin® R, W, T and N are used in this material handling application.

Offshore drilling inspection device

iglide® G300 plastic plain bearings, igubal® rod ends, clevis joints, and drylin® N linear guides for the offshore industry.

CNC engraving machine

This CNC-controlled, three-axis machine uses drylin® R linear bearings, drylin® W modular linear guides, and drylin® T profile rail guides, as well as a Zipper-style cable carrier.

Robotic end-effector

drylin® T is used for its low weight in this tile-handling machine

Bottle packaging

drylin® N linear slides are ideal for this bottle packaging machine

Concrete pipe cutter

drylin® R linear bearings have run oil-free for over three years in this heavy duty concrete pipe cutter

Elevator lift

drylin® aluminum shafting is used in this residential elevator lift for its near silent operation

Handling device

drylin® linear slides offer higher accelerations and lower inertia than ball bearings, making them ideal for high-speed handling equipment

ATM machine

drylin® N is used on this ATM machine due to its low-cost durability and maintenance-free operation

Rotary indexing table

drylin® T used on a plastics manufacturing indexing table

Manufacturing test stand

Toothbrush testing machine runs with exceptionally low noise thanks to drylin® T linear guides

Bottle capping machine

Its clean, oil-free operation makes drylin® R linear bearings an ideal choice for the food and packaging industry

Guard for Die Cast machine

Compact drylin® W helps guide the sliding doors on this die-cast machine

Lab machinery

Low-profile drylin® N is used in this micro-diascope

Body scanner

drylin® used in the measuring and recording of medical scans

Powder coating-

Dip pre-treatment facility for a powder-coating plant

Foosball table

drylin® R moves the computer-controlled players on this automated foosball table

Circuit board pick and place

Insertion head for circuit board pick and place machine uses drylin® R liners

Handling device

Profile rail guides enhance technical performance of handling device

Tool presetting device

drylin® W linear guides help keep CNC machine accurate, lightweight and flexible

Home entertainment systems

drylin® is used for its low cost, low weight, and quiet operation on TV screen cover-up.

Rotating machine tool

This rotating machine tool for furniture production uses drylin® linear guides.

Electrical actuator

drylin® HTS leadscrew table for format adjustments.

Cut-off saw

Dirt-resistant drylin® R in a cut-off saw application.

Fill shoe on a powder press

drylin® R linear bearings replaced ball bearings in this fill shoe mechanism for a powder press.

Gripper for bakery products

This gripper picks up freshly baked goods from a conveyor belt and packs them into baskets.

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