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180 Bass Pro Mills Drive


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Applications using drylin® screw drives

Hygienic, maintenance-free, quiet

drylin® lead screw technology is self-lubricating, as stainless-steel or hard anodized aluminum screws are combined with tribologically-optimized iglide® plastic bearings. By eliminating lubrication, the highest hygiene requirements can be met. These features, as well as quiet operation and corrosion-resistance, ensure high performance and extended service life in applications including format adjustments, medical technology, bottling plants or 3D printing.

Typical industrial sectors and applications: Classic format adjustments and lifting applications can be implemented with the self-locking trapezoidal thread.

Leadscrew application

Levelling device

This device supports the levelling of dry fill material.

Hot wire cutter

This device cuts figures and elements out of polystyrene blocks.

Bottling machine

This machine fills paint into buckets.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer is only 10 centimetres high but can print objects with the highest quality.


This bracket is used for recordings with 3D cameras.

Shutoff valve

Plastic plain bearings in process engineering: Completely maintenance and self-lubricating

Lab equipment for liquid handling

drylin® trapezoidal lead screw drives are used in this laboratory equipment for liquid handling.

Paper processing machines

By the use of clearance-free pretensioned nuts in format changing systems in the paper industry, a precise and maintenance-free adjustment of the formats is enabled.

Chess computer

By using DryLin® TR steep thread nuts in two chess computers, large strokes can be covered in the shortest possible time.

Textile industry

A total of 239 iglide® plastic bushings and drylin® linear bearings are installed in this leather-splitting machine.