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iglide® plain bearing applications

Check out where iglide® plastic bushings have been used in real-world applications around the world from a wide range of industries, from combine harvesters to rollercoasters, from hot-air balloons to light aircraft.

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Boat lift

iglide® P is used on lifts to remove boats from both residential and commercial marinas.

Bike pedals

iglide® G300 plastic bearings distribute the load and lubricate the axle on this bike pedal.

Full-suspension mountain bike

A leading manufacturer of full-suspension mountain bikes has developed one of its most innovative bikes to date.

Bike shocks

A coil shock for serious mountain bike enthusiasts uses iglide® G300 plastic bushings.

Ski bindings

These high-end ski bindings use iglide® L280 plastic bushings in the knuckle, which enables the heel of the skier’s boot to raise and lower with each turn.


iglide® Z plastic bushings reduced surface pressure and shaft wear for this rollercoaster at one of America's leading theme parks.

Gaming & movie seats

iglide® L280 plastic bushings and igubal® pillow block bearings in home theater, gaming and movie theater seats.

Potato planter

iglide® J plastic bushings increased service life by 500-600% and reduced costs by 80%.

Hot air balloon altitude world record

iglide® G300 and W300 plastic bushings were used in the pressurized capsule of this hot air balloon.

Packaging machine

iglide® G300 plastic bushings are lightweight and space saving and reduced manufacturing costs for this packaging company.

Facade construction

This adjustable facade uses UV-resistant iglide® G300 plastic bushings to allow oscillating and rotational movement.

Electric scooter

iglide® Q plastic bushings are used in the rear-wheel suspension of this electric scooter.

Construction vehicles

Dirt-resistant iglide® G300 plastic bearings are used in this mini excavator’s track rollers.

Artificial knee joint

iglide® L280 and iglide® Q plastic bushings improve an artificial knee joint.

Packaging machine

iglide® L280 plastic bushings are used in this packaging machine because of their dry-running, clean, hygienic operation.


iglide® G300 plastic bushings, drylin® N linear slides and igubal® rod ends are used in this inspection device for an offshore drilling riser.

Light aircraft

iglide® plastic bushings were used in this aircraft design and have been proven in over 400 flying hours to date.

Bottling machine

iglide® plastic bushings are used for their low friction and dry operation in this pneumatic lifting device for an aseptic filling machine.

Scissor-lift table

iglide® Z and L280 are used in this scissor-lift table mechanism, because they are low wear and can withstand the loads involved.

Locomotive steam pump

iglide® T500 plastic bushings were used on this new-design pump for steam locomotives due to their temperature and humidity resistance.

Folding bike

iglide® plastic bushings were used on this folding bike due to being maintenance-free and resistant to dirt.

Convertible top

iglide® P plastic bushings were used in the drive system of this convertible top because of their excellent wear behavior.

Aerospace industry

iglide® H plastic bushings in steel brake flaps designed to hold a jet engine in the event of brake malfunction at maximum thrust.

Helicopter parts testing

Water-proof iglide® H370 plastic bushings are used on robot test heads subject to harsh washdowns.

Forklift mechanism

iglide® G and Q plastic bushings are used in this flexible forklift mechanism designed for pallets, drums and boxes.

Office chair

A special-design iglide® bushing helps this swivel office chair automatically adjust to the weight of the user.

Resuscitation equipment

Over 30 maintenance-free, lightweight iglide® plain bearings are used in this resuscitation equipment.

Industrial scooter for factories

iglide® plastic bushings were used in this industrial scooter because they were lower cost than steel alternatives.

Rotor head

Lightweight and maintenance-free iglide® G300 plastic bushings are used in the rotor head of this ultra-light gyrocopter.

Beverage-can emptying device

iglide® plastic bushings were used in this beverage-can emptying device, because of their low profile.

Industrial remote-controlled vehicle

An iglide® slewing ring bearing is used in this radio remote-controlled vehicle, used in the event of a chemical accident.

Prosthetic limb

iglide® Z was used in this unique prosthetic limb designed to absorb shocks and impacts.

Thermoforming machine

This thermoforming machine, used to produce coffee-creamer packaging, uses xiros® A500 polymer ball bearings due to their high chemical resistance.

Pipe organ

iglide® J plastic bushings and igubal® rod ends and clevis joints for traditional pipe organs.

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