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cable carriers
and accessories


e-chain systems® – the lifeline of modern machines. Custom-made from stock.

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flexible cables

chainflex® continuous flexing

Special cables for e-chains®, quality tested in the igus lab®. Over 1,354 types from stock. 

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pre-assembled cables


Designed for use in energy chains.  Numerous types of cables with various approvals and certificates.

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cable carriers


Ready-to-install e-chain systems® and assembled cables for your machines.  No minimum order quantity.


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iglide® plain
bearings and bushings

iglide® bearings

Increase service life, reduce costs and eliminate external lubrication. 7,000 types from stock. 

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igubal® spherical


A complete product range of self-adjusting, maintenance-free bearings made of sliding plastics.

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drylin® linear
bearings and slides

drylin® linear technology

Linear guides from stock. Self-lubricating, quiet, light and cost-effective rail and shaft guides. 

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drylin® linear
actuators and lead
screw modules

drylin® drive technology

Self-lubricating lead screw modules for precise adjustments and toothed belt systems for quick positioning.

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drylin® linear
actuators with

drylin® E

Maintenance-free linear actuators made ready to install.  Stepper or DC motors available.

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lead screws and
lead screw nuts

SD leadscrew shop

dryspin® high helix thread technology and self-locking trapezoidal and metric threads.

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iglide® PRT
slewing rings

iglide PRT slewing ring bearings

Made with self-lubricating and maintenance-free sliding elements.

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ball bearings

xiros® ball bearings

For maintenance-free, self-lubricating and dry-running operation.  Resists temperatures up to 302°F. 

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Bar stock

Bar stock

iglide® can be machined into custom bar stock, plate stock, tubes and other nonstandard shapes and dimensions.

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3D printing
service and

3D printed materials

Our 3D-printing service uses powders and filaments that have been proven to last up to 50 times longer than standard inside moving applications.

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tribo-tape liner


tribo-tape liner for reducing friction on surfaces.  Various sizes and versions available.

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piston rings

iglide piston rings

Replace elaborately stamped PTFE tapes with a single clip-on guide ring, available in various materials.

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triflex® R
robotic cable

Energy supply systems for robots

Energy supply systems designed for complex robotic applications in harsh operating environments.

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robolink® robotic
arms and low-
cost automation


Build robotic arm components or buy a completed arm.  Use our robolink® designer tool to configure according to your requirements and applications.

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pneumatic hoses
and tubing

Pneumatic hoses

Special pneumatic hoses for heavy-duty use in energy chains.


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Cable connectors and more than 3,500 connector components from stock.

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