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Belt Driven Linear Actuators: drylin® ZLW

Linear belt drive

The drylin® belt driven linear actuators in the ZLW series are suitable for many different positioning and adjustment tasks. The self-lubricating drylin® W profile guide acts as a linear guide and a toothed belt acts as a drive. The stroke is individually selectable. Thanks to the lightweight design using plastic and aluminum, drylin® ZLW belt driven actuators have a low mass inertia, making them highly efficient. Whether used for an individual system or a gantry robot, the ZLW series offers the ideal solution in both confined spaces and applications that require a high level of torque support . All drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes can be ordered ready for installation and configured with drylin® E stepper and DC motors.

Typical application areas

Medical and laboratory technology


Positioning tasks (pick & place)

Camera/sensor adjustment

Machine construction

Special properties

End supports with grooved ball bearing

Self-lubricating linear guide system with polymer plain bearings

Various carriage lengths

Hard-anodized aluminum profile

Polyurethane or neoprene toothed belts

When to use it?

Quick positioning of small loads

Quiet running

Slim structure

Underwater application with UW belt

Cost-effective solution as basic version

Continuous operation

When not to use it?

When high loads need to travel at dynamic forces

When positioning accuracy < 0.1 mm is necessary

Technical data, drive torque, belt driven actuator design

drylin® drive technology configurator

drylin® drive technology configurator

drylin® ZLW - technical data

drylin® ZLW - technical data

drylin® ZLW - toothed belt axis design

drylin® ZLW - toothed belt axis design

Belt driven linear actuators from drylin®

basic version, standard


ZLW-0630-OD - reverse
basic version, standard


ZLW 1040
basic version, standard

ZLW 1040

ZLW 1040-OD - reverse
basic version, standard

ZLW 1040-OD

ZAW 1040 cantilever axis version, standard


ZLW 1660 standard version


ZLW installation size 1660-OD - reverse


ZLW installation size 1040 specialists


ZLW wide installation size 1080 standard version


ZLW 0630-P toothed belt axis made of carbon


ZLW-20 in aluminium or stainless steel version



drylin® E motors

Overview drylin® E motors and accessories. Fitting to drylin® linear tables.

ZLW – NEMA motor flange, standard and customized

The motor flange can be fastened on the extreme shaft end support with four screws.

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