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OEM installation and inspection services to achieve maximum performance and life

Our team of experienced field service technicians and inspectors work to increase the reliability and performance of energy chain applications by assisting with onsite installation, maintenance inspections and much more. Whether your application is a steel millport, or oil rig, igus® will deliver unmatched, continuous support. Learn more about all of our installation and inspection services below.

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Commissioning & initial inspection with annual or bi-annual check-ups

Installing parts incorrectly can be a costly mistake. An igus® technician can perform a detailed inspection of all components to certify that your system is ready to run.

  • Guide trough and supports – alignment, tolerancing, fastener torque values
  • e-chain® assembly – links, separators, brackets
  • Cable installation – routing in the e-chain®, positioning in their compartments, proper reserves are present
  • Proper strain relief installation – correct parts, installation, cable lengths

We also offer startup inspections plus annual checks for damaged or worn parts:
  • Wear analysis – e-chain® checked for abnormal wear, cables checked for wear or damage, glide bar and trough checks
  • Documentation – scope of work for any needed adjustments, BOM for any needed parts, warranty inspection certificates

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Commissioning and Checkup

Factory supervision & assembly services ensure optimal operation

Factory Supervision

If you have the labor and skill to properly install your e-chain® system but need help running the job, our team can help. We offer pre-work meetings, training classes, and can check the work as it’s being performed so you can avoid any costly rework. Our team can answer questions onsite and address concerns or challenges that may arise during an installation. Or, if you’d prefer, out team can do the entire job for you.

  • Parts inventory
  • Documentation review
  • Installation planning
  • Trough installation and inspection
  • e-chain® installation
  • Commissioning inspection

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Failure analysis and pre-work inspections minimize costs and time for jobs

If your system has previously failed or is showing signs of abnormal operation, our team can inspect it, identify any areas of concern and consult with you on the best way to remedy the situation. They can discuss your goals and budget and help formulate a plan that works for you.

  • Inspect full e-chain system
  • Pinpoint problem areas
  • Determine main cause of failure
  • Prepare failure report
  • Create a restoration plan
  • Documentation – scope of work needed for installation, BOM for any needed parts

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Failure analysis and pre-work inspections

Repair of cable carrier systems or modernization from other technology to e-chains

Modernization & Retrofitting

Whether you’re tired of replacing parts, need better performance, or want to upgrade your capability by adding new technology like fiber optic, our team can help make the process easier. igus® technicians can remove your old system, plan and execute the installation of the new system, and even offer a performance guarantee.

  • Repair or replace broken links or crossbars
  • Repair, replace or adjust interior separation
  • Replace damaged cables
  • Adjust igus® trough components
  • Remove existing technology
  • Install igus® trough system
  • e-chain® installation
  • Commissioning inspection

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Fleet inspection services for accurate maintenance planning

Our team can keep track of what equipment you have and when your systems will need maintenance or replacement. They can also provide you with reports showing the current status, projected service costs and intervals of work that should be done.

  • Full equipment asset list
  • Plan and schedule annual/bi-annual inspections
  • Health reports for all equipment
  • Spare parts onsite

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Fleet Inspection

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