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Engineering and cable management services offered


Our engineered systems team creates solutions that have never been done before. We have helped industry leaders push their product’s capabilities above the competition. Areas we have serviced include aerospace, bulk-handling machinery, crane OEM, construction, machine building, automotive OEM, manufacturing, energy, shipbuilding and much more.

If you have any of the following needs, igus® can help you find a solution:

  • Design and engineering for challenging, complex applications
  • Inspections of equipment that are in service
  • Installation services by factory-trained and certified personnel
  • Failure analysis for systems that have experienced breakdown
  • Modernization services for technology such as busbars, festoons and cable reels
  • Project management of design, delivery, installation & commissioning of new systems
  • Full documentation and CAD services

Mechanical engineering and design for energy chains  

Mechanical engineering and design for energy chains

igus® has a special projects engineering team that offers complete design services for e-chain® systems, mounting systems, modernization plans, failure mode analysis, installation plans and specialized one-off turnkey systems. We can take the guesswork out of designing an energy chain system and create the perfect solution for your application.

Our experienced mechanical engineering team can help address concerns including high speeds and accelerations, large cable packages, harsh environments, or long travel distances. No matter the application requirements, our goal is to create the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

Field project management and supervisory services

Even perfect designs can fail without proper implementation, which is why experienced igus® field service technicians assist with the logistics of your system’s installation. Our goal is to minimize downtime and costs with efficient materials planning, staging and assembly supervision. We will make recommendations during the design process to make installation faster and safer. We can also provide pre-installation training for assembly crews, as well as onsite supervision to ensure things run smoothly. Commissioning inspections can be completed during installation, reducing the time it takes for startup. Read about all of the field services that we offer.

field project management and supervisory services  
mechanical drafting and documentation  

Mechanical drafting and documentation

Accurate and complete documentation is one of the most important components to execute a successful project. Advanced capabilities such as 3D modeling and system animations can ensure proper fitment and prevent costly mistakes. At igus®, we provide visual documentation to ensure mechanical design concepts are clearly communicated. Our team can create 2D and 3D CAD in multiple formats for integration into your own models and drawings.

In addition to CAD resources, igus® offers detailed assembly instructions, maintenance manuals and inspection documentations. We can perform surveying services upon request. Additionally, we create assemblies and sub-assemblies unique to your purchasing system. Documents of your machinery with our components are also kept on record to save time in the future.


You don’t have to be an expert in designing, planning and installing cable carriers to implement a reliable system. With an igus® team of field service technicians and engineers, help is given every step of the way with onsite and offsite training. Any of your specific training needs can be met with igus® through:

  • Lunch-n-learns for large groups of people based on a topic of your choice
  • Traveling tradeshows – we bring the tradeshow experience to your parking lot or office
  • Training sessions via visit, web conference or phone call
  • Design review and consulting
  • Preconstruction installation training for subcontractors
  • Training sessions for engineers or installation technicians


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