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Engineering and training services offered for cable management

Our engineered systems team creates solutions that have never been done before. We have helped industry leaders push their product’s capabilities above the competition. Areas we have serviced include aerospace, bulk-handling machinery, crane OEM, construction, machine building, automotive OEM, manufacturing, energy, shipbuilding and much more.

igus can provide a solution for any of the following:

  • Design and engineering for challenging, complex applications
  • Inspections of equipment that are in service
  • Installation services by factory-trained and certified personnel
  • Failure analysis for systems that have experienced breakdown
  • Modernization services for technology such as busbars, festoons and cable reels
  • Project management of design, delivery, installation & commissioning of new systems
  • Full documentation and CAD services
You can also view and download our new 2020 Orange Services brochure.  It details in full our complete range of services that we offer.

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Cooperative research and development used for custom designs and special solutions

custom designs and special solutions

If you have cables and hoses that are in motion and in need of guidance and protection you have come to the right place. We have a full team of designers that are ready for your challenges of new and unique applications. We enjoy taking on the one of a kind projects and will support you in your own efforts to push the envelope in your own industry.

  • Design, engineer and test prototypes 
  • Design specialty brackets or mounting solutions 
  • Trough designs for applications with space restrictions 
  • Unique e-chain configurations and movements

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Onsite modernization studies to optimize your application's performance

If you would like to use an energy chain system for the benefits, but you are not sure if it would fit or how it could work we can make a study for you that would show you possible solutions of how your specific challenges could be solved.

  • Site sturdy and analysis
  • Review of technology upgrades needed
  • Review of new system and implementation planning
  • ROI/TCO analysis
  • Project management from design to startup

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field project management and supervisory services

Test lab capabilities for proof of concept and performance guarantees

We have the experience and the capabilities to test and prove concepts. With our enormous test lab at our headquarters in Germany and testing capabilities in the US, we can provide test reports and data analysis for your project.

  • 41,000 sq. ft. test lab in Cologne, Germany
  • Life cycle testing of unique configurations
  • Climate chamber
  • Robotic manipualtion studies
  • Material tests
  • Assembly and electrical testing

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Product training and system design classes to help achieve your goals

We can provide all types of training about our products based on your individual needs. Whether it is an engineer who needs to know how to design with our parts, to a purchaser that needs to know how to order our parts, to an assembly technician that needs to know how to assemble our parts, we are there to support you.

  • Lunch and learns
  • Product information sessions
  • Product examples and displays
  • System installation overviews

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Engineering and Design Services

Contractor training and certification programs ensure service technician proficiency

Contractor Training and Certification Program

If you already have a contractor that performs your mechanical and electrical work, but you are new to igus systems, we are here to help. We will make sure that your preferred team is briefed on best practices and common challenges and that you're prepared to take on your job efficiently and effectively.

  • Product information sessions
  • System installation training
  • System inspection
  • Cover all FAQ

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Application Assistance

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