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e-chain systems® for cranes –
cut costs. Raise the service life expectancy. Proven.

Dear Customers,
We would like to introduce you to the igus® high tech products for crane business. igus® power chain systems are an alternative to bus bar, festooning and reel systems.
igus® e-chain systems® and chainflex® flexible cables are worldwide in operation on more than 10,000 port equipment applications: Ship to Shore Cranes, Bulk-handling Cranes, RTGs, RMGs, Goliath Cranes, Spreaders, Reach stackers etc.
Main benefits for crane builders and crane users are:

Space saving design

No additional drives necessary

No control system necessary

All media can be conveyed: power, data, air, water, etc.

Low maintenance product reduces your downtime

Wind and weather resistant

Synchronous run of trolley and e-chain system®

Quick an easy installation of additional cables

No parts marked as reason for wear and tear

Spare part guarantee for 10 years an more

Find out for yourself!
For instance on one of more than 4,500 harbor crane-systems world-wide with igus® energy chains.

We will gladly provide you with a customer reference in your vicinity for a joint visit. If you are in Germany, a visit to the igus® factory in Cologne or to one of 27 branch offices can of course also be arranged at any time. Please send us your requested appointment location and we will take care of the rest.

How does e-chain® compare to your current solution


With e-chain Systems® igus® offers a secure and modular alternative to festooning systems in cranes, with which you can save cables and avoid downtimes.

e-spool vs cable reel  

The maintenance-free e-spool® system accommodates energy supplies in any direction - the system is a space-saving alternative to Zig-Zag applications. The "igus cable drum" without slip-ring is a compact, modular and low-cost system.

Busbar vs e-chain  

energy chain systems offer alternatives to busbar systems that last longer and are more efficient. Learn more about how e-chain® can help you with your machines!

Current News for cranes

AX e-chains® overview

The e-chain® for fine dust applications

AX e-chains® overview    

Application Areas

Typical applications for energy chains on cranes

RTG trolley travel in lieu of a festoon system (trailing cable system)

RMG / ASC trolley travel in lieu of a festoon system (trailing cable system)

RMG / ASC crane travel in lieu of a motor cable drum

RTG crane travel as an alternative to a bus bar and motor cable drum

STS trolley travel in lieu of a festoon system and bus bar

STS crane travel as an alternative to a bus bar and motor cable drum

Spreader size adjustment in lieu of a steel chain

Reach stacker boom telescope in lieu of a steel chain

Bulk handling crane trolley travel in lieu of a festoon system (trailing cable system)

Gantry crane trolley travel in lieu of a festoon system (trailing cable system)

The conventionally used solutions, i.e. festooning, motor cable drum and bus bar, can be converted to igus® e-chain systems® on nearly all existing cranes.

STS applications

igus® applications and references with STS cranes. Over 400 applications worldwide.

STS applications    

RTGs / RMGs applications

igus® applications and references with RTG & RMG cranes. Over 3000 applications worldwide.

RTGs / RMGs applications    

Indoor cranes

Special products for the Indoor Cranes industry

Indoor cranes    

Product Modules for Cranes - e-chains®, Cables and accessories

Coupling for the harbor crane  
Automatic coupling up of e-chains®
igus® coupling for the harbor crane, for example, RTG (rubber tyred gantry).

Safe transmission of FOC signals too

Different fillings and travels

Saves operating costs of RTSs

Protects the environment


P4 roller energy chain®  
P4 roller energy chain
Quiet, wear-resistant, long travels, high speed

Smooth, low noise operation through identical pitch length for links with and without rollers

Grooved roller running on continuous, plain surface

Large glide area for rollers

Large e-chains® for all applications

Smooth, cable friendly inner surfaces

Low noise through integrated "brake"

Straight run and fast assembly through inner-/outer link design

Protection against dirt and chips for system E4-1

New widths for enclosed e-tubes

HT material is an additional option for R4-1 e-tubes, protecting against hot chips up to 1,562°F

Flexible cables

Especially for the crane industry.

Strain Relief Devices  
Strain relief
Even more versatility and faster assembly

Optimized double fixation element, cannot be lost thanks to locking nib

Easier assembly

More products for the Cranes industry


e-chain systems® and flexible cables for the Crane industry  
e-chain systems®
for cranes

For RTGs, RMGs, STS Cranes, Reachstackers, Shipyard Cranes, Spreaders and more.

Shore power solutions  
energy chain systems for shipping terminals

Shore power solutions for shipping terminals & vessels

Video References Cranes  
Video references

Examples for the use of igus® e-chain systems® and flexible chainflex® cables in Cranes – worldwide.

video examples

Automatic coupling of e-chains® - igus® coupling for harbor crane


e-chain systems® in cranes


Examples of e-chain systems® used in Cranes


Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

Scott Parker

Product Manager e-chains®


Customer Service:

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