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e-chain Product finder

Find a suitable solution quickly and easily with the energy chain product finder

Energy Chain product finder


Easily find the right e-chain for unsupported applications with up to 42.65 feet of travel.

Product finder for e-chains up to 42.65 feet.


Configure in a few minutes an energy supply system for long travels from 32.80 feet up to 196.85 feet.

QuickChain.60 configurator

e-chains® online shop - long-lasting energy chains for your application

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e-chain® Online Catalog

Access the e-chain® catalog in PDF format.

e-chain online catalog

Energy chain white papers and videos

e-chain® standard series

Universal kit for any application

System E4-1 Huge, modular construction kit. Opens on both sides, low-cost. Side-mounted with travels of 656 feet and more, low weight.


Standard, quick to open

E2/000 Standard e-chains®, medium sizes, internal height of 21 to 45 mm. Hinged on the left and right. Versatile modular, interior separation.

Energy Chain® E2/000

All rounder for small sizes

E2 micro Internal height of 5 to 41 mm, small divisions, smooth operation. Light weight and cable-friendly interior.

e2 micro energy chain

More e-chains®

3D movements and robots

triflex® R, triflex®, E-Z triflex®, twisterchain® Closed and easy to equip energy tubes for 2 and 3 axes as well as circular and spiral motion, modular design.

Multi-axis cable carriers

Easy to equip, economical

E-Z chain®, E1 Quick to equip from inside or outside; low-cost, one-piece e-chain®.

E-Z chain®

Quick assembly

Zipper e-chain® Extremely fast opening and closing of small and medium sized e-chains® and energy tubes.

Zipper Energy Chain cable carriers

Small and medium sizes

E2 micro, mini Internal energy chain height of 5 to 41 mm, small divisions, smooth operation, lightweight and cable-friendly interior.

E2 micro, mini

Quick to open

E2 medium, E2/000 Standard e-chains®, medium sizes, internal height of 21 to 45 mm, hinged on the left and right, versatile, modular, interior separation.

Quick open cable carriers


E2 tubes These fully enclosed cable carriers protect cables and hoses from chips and flying debris.

E2 fully-enclosed energy tubes

4-part, robust

System E4-1, E4/00, E4/4, E4/Light Wide number of modular options. Opens on both sides. Can run side-mounted over travels 656 ft and more.

System E4 cable carriers

Especially quiet, suitable for clean rooms

System E3, E6 Extremely quiet running at up to 38 dB(A). Low-vibration, high speed and acceleration. Cable carrier systems E3 - small, E6 - robust.

System E3, E6

Avoidance of static charges

System ESD & ATEX Avoidance of static charges System ESD & ATEX Snap-open energy chains with mounting brackets and interior separation in ESD and ATEX version available from stock.

System ESD & ATEX

Guide troughs & strain-reliefs

Guide troughs to guide Energy Chain cable carriers over long travels and strain-relief options.

Cable carrier guide troughs & strain-reliefs

PMA protective hoses

To protect flexible electric cables, power cables, robotic cables, data cables etc.

PMA protective hoses


Multi-energy drum The alternative to the cable drums - cable-friendly and guides various media safely


e-chain® Online Tools

Find the right solutions and how long an energy chain cable carrier will last in your application.

Energy Chain Expert System

Interior separator configurator

Drag and drop separators and cables into place to quickly configure your cable carrier.

Cable carrier configurator program


Downloadable Files Easy-to-use CAD files available in formats for various systems.

3D-CAD files

2018 vector awards

6th global energy supply contest Competition for innovative and game changing energy supply solutions, using plastic energy chain systems

6th global energy supply contest


Design advice series Technical articles answering your most pressing inquiries in-depth.


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...E4.1L ... reduce assembly time ...

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Cost down, life up.

Real world applications See where igus® Energy Chain Systems® have reduced cost and increased performance

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