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Maintenance-free iglide® plain bearings

Self-lubricating plain bearing technology - Switch now and reduce costs by up to 40%
Lowering costs and raising service life with no external lubrication and a reduction in maintenance work, everything delivered immediately from stock - that is the core idea and the objective of all iglide® polymer plain bearings.
The igus® plain bearings range includes sleeve bearings, flange bearings, thrust washers, piston rings, clip-on plain bearings and many other designs. iglide® plain bearings always offer a solution – either from the catalogue range or as custom-made plain bearing special solution. No minimum order.
iglide® plain bearings are suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications.



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iglide® G300, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • The all-round classic with an excellent price/performance ratio
  • High wear resistance
  • Resistance to dust and dirt
  • Cost-effective
from 0.74 USD/Pc.
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iglide® J, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • The versatile endurance runner, highly resistant to wear on (nearly) all shafts with very low coefficients of friction
  • Low wear against different shaft materials
  • Low coefficients of friction in dry operation
  • Vibration-dampening
from 1.12 USD/Pc.
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iglide® A350, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • The endurance runner at higher temperatures in the food sector
  • Compliant with EC directive 10/2011 EC
  • FDA-compliant
  • For use with temperatures up to +356 °F
from 2.84 USD/Pc.
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iglide® M250, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • The tough all-around performer with excellent vibration dampening
  • Excellent vibration dampening
  • Resistant to edge loads
  • High impact resistance
from 0.87 USD/Pc.
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iglide® T500, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • The chemical and temperature specialist, up to 21755 psi static
  • Temperature resistant from -212 °F to +482 °F in continuous operation
  • Universal resistance to chemicals
  • High compressive strength
from 1.70 USD/Pc.
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iglide® L280, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • The classic endurance runner, very wear resistant on (virtually) all shafts
  • For especially long service life
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Extremely high wear resistance
from 1.40 USD/Pc.
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iglide® GLW, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • Cost-effective material for mass production
  • Applications with static loads
  • Cost-effective
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
Upon request
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iglidur® SG03, flanged sleeve bearing and felt seal, mm
  • Clean bearings even with dirt and dust, thanks to felt seal
  • In laboratory tests, a service life up to 50 times higher was achieved.
  • Most popular iglidur material worldwide
  • High wear resistance
Upon request
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iglide® J260, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • Ideal for plastic shafts
  • Very good c. o. f. for low or medium loads
  • Good liquid media resistance
  • Slightly higher temperature rating than iglide® J
from 1.72 USD/Pc.
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iglide® W360, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • General purpose endurance runner
  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Continuous use up to +356 °F
  • Suitable for wet environments
from 2.84 USD/Pc.
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iglide® J3, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • The new endurance runner: specialist for pulsating loads
  • Low coefficients of friction
  • Good liquid media resistance
  • Low humidity absorption
from 1.39 USD/Pc.
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iglide® J350, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • Endurance runner with high dimensional stability at high temperature - Can be used with many kind of shafts and loads
  • Excellent coefficient of friction against steel
  • Continuous service temperature up to +356 °F
  • For medium and high loads
from 1.92 USD/Pc.
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iglide® R, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • Low-cost material, low wear
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficients of friction in dry operation
  • Cost-effective
from 0.96 USD/Pc.
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iglide® L250, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • For high speeds
  • Specially made for fast rotating applications
  • Very low coefficients of friction
  • Excellent wear resistance
from 4.31 USD/Pc.
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iglide® Z, sleeve bearing with flange, mm
  • Extremely long service life under extreme conditions, resistant to wear and impact even at high loads and temperatures
  • Excellent wear resistance especially with high loads
  • High thermal resistance
  • For extreme loads
from 4.01 USD/Pc.
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