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iglide® PRT Slewing Rings

Self-lubricating, maintenance-free

iglide® PRT slewing rings use self-lubricating, low-friction sliding elements in place of ball bearings. They represent a step forward in slewing ring bearing technology.

The sliding elements are made from an igus®-developed, low-cost, high-performance plastic called iglide® J, which is completely lubrication- and maintenance-free.

All the housing components are made from aluminum (except style 02, which has wear-resistant iglide® J4 inner rings) and all the surfaces parallel to the iglide® sliding elements are hard anodized with stainless-steel fasteners. A completely stainless-steel version is also available upon request.


Off-the-shelf slewing rings ready to ship within 24 hours

Custom hole patterns/machining available

Downloadable CAD files

Lifetime calculation

Custom options (e.g. gears, stainless versions)

Technical support inc. on-site assistance within 36 hours

Low cost

No minimum order

Free samples

PRT Expert

All New PRT Expert System

Choose the right PRT Slewing Ring for your application

When to use PRT slewing rings

  • When a ready-to-install solution is needed
  • When you need a rugged, corrosion-resistant slewing ring for high loads
  • When you need a slewing ring for tough environments
  • When you need a slewing ring capable of handling low to medium surface speeds

When not to use PRT slewing rings

  • For fast, continuous rotations
  • For temperatures exceeding 392°F (for temperatures over 192°F, use H1 inserts)
  • When only low drive forces are available at high loads
  • For extreme precision

iglide® PRT - technical information

PRT - technical information

Slewing ring bearing style 01

Slewing ring bearing with high rigidity

Applicable up to 356°F, high chemical resistance

Available with seal

Slewing ring bearing with gear teeth

The standard for driving PRT slewing ring bearings by belt, rack, or pinion gear.

Slewing ring bearing style 02

Slewing ring with extremely low weight

Outer ring made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel (V4A)

New low-cost slewing ring bearing

New low-cost design iglide® PRT slewing ring bearing. Through consistent downsizing, a completely new design has been created that relies even more on plastic.

Slewing ring bearing with square flange

The smallest PRT slewing ring bearing in size 20 is now also available with space-saving square flange for direct mounting on flat surfaces.

Slewing ring bearing with clamping function

Slewing ring bearing PRT-01-30 with head ring including clamping function for shafts with 30h7 tolerances.

PRT accessories - hand clamp

Only 0.75 lbs / ft screw torque provides up to 7 lbs / ft of holding force

Easy to screw onto outer ring

M6 threaded hole clamp

Made of aluminum

Available in stainless steel

PRT accessories - drive plate

For quick and easy drive coupling

Made of aluminum

Available in stainless steel upon request

PRT accessories - mounting rings

For use when mounting slewing ring flush to a surface

Easier, more flexible mounting

Custom holes available

Made of aluminum

Available in stainless steel