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igus® in use in the machine tool industry

Lean, reliable and cost-efficient - Save 50% weight, save 80% assembly time and save 95% harnessing time

Components in machine tools are exposed to rough operating conditions. Hot chips significantly compromise the service life of cables and hoses. In the medium term, this leads to machine failures and, as a result, expensive downtimes. For every challenge in the machine tool area, igus® offers laboratory-tested solutions that increase your machinery's reliability and reduce the amount of maintenance work. They include energy chains and cables that are used in CNC machining centers, milling machines or grinding machines, for example. Maintenance-free and self-lubricated bearings are used in door-adjusting mechanisms in machine tools, for example. And smart plastics from igus® are used in machine tools in order to avoid unforeseen failures and plant shutdowns.

Machine tools magazine  

igus® magazine:

motion plastics® in use in the machine tool industry

Read our new igus® magazine for the machine tool industry to find out more about motion plastics® products for your modern machine tools and many other ways of lowering your costs and improving the performance of your equipment.

10 igus® highlights for ten trends in machine tool manufacturing

igus® energy chains, chainflex® cables and bearing technology

1. readychain®

Reduce process costs by 80%

Ready-to-connect harnessed e-chainsystems®

Everything from one source

Reduce process costs

2. e-chain R2.1

e-tube R2.1  
Tightly sealed and cost-effective

Openable from both sides

More usable storage space

Greater stability

3. e-chain® E4.1L

Lean: Reduce costs and time

Quick interior separation

Universal strain relief

Long service life

4. Standard kit E4.1R e-chain® profile rollers

E4.1 R e-chain®  
57% less drive cable

Save electricity and operating costs on moving automation

Save electricity and operating costs

5. Rotary modules

Rotary module  
Rotary motion of 900° and more

Ideal for high fill weights and restricted spaces

Long service life of the system

6. smart plastics

smart plastics  
Reduce failures

Intelligent products predict their replacement date during ongoing operation

Greater safety

7. chainflex® cables

chainflex® cables  
36 month guarantee

Reliability guaranteed

Fail-safe cables

Small radii for confined spaces.

Over 1345 types of cable from stock

7. readycable®

Ready-to-connect cables

More than 4,200 drive cables in accordance with 24 manufacturer standards in 7 different qualities

Reduce process costs

8. robolink® modular kit

robolink® modular kit  
Build or buy low-cost robots

Combination of robolink® joints and motors is possible

Modular approach

Low cost

9. drylin® hybrid bearings

drylin® hybrid bearings  
Maintenance-free bearings for machine doors

Low driving force due to the combination of rolling and sliding

9. drylin® linear plain bearing

drylin® linear plain bearing  
Change your bearing now

Plastic instead of metal: Up to 40% more cost-effective than recirculating ball guide

10. 3D printing service

3D printing service  
Simple, fast, cost effective

In two simple steps to the 3D-printed, wear-resistant component

With direct display of prices

From quantity 1

Tested for being chip proof and media resistant

In the igus® test laboratory, the largest one of its kind in the industry (2,750 m²), more than two billion test cycles are carried out on 107 test rigs every year. Extensive test databases are created in the process and even tests for individual customers are possible upon request.

Leak test in the chip drum After 251,900 cycles, only 2.7 g of chips were found in the interior of the RX tube.


Media-resistance test Test of energy chains for their resistance to diverse media. Result: They function perfectly after 100,000 cycles.


igus® products used successfully in machine tools

Austrian automotive supplier  
Avoid machine failures

The automotive supplier from Austria relies on igus® smart plastics for these assembly lines in order to increase fail-safety and implement predictive maintenance.

drylin® in door adjustments  
Low-noise operation due to sliding

drylin® R in use in the door guidance mechanism of machine tools.

CNC machining center  
Reduce costs and enhance performance

Ready-to-install "readychain®" energy supply systems from igus® are used in DMU/DMC-160 machining centers of the company DMG MORI at the Deckel MAHO Pfronten site.

Machine tools and machining centres  
Many years of successful cooperation

Numerous different products from igus® have been built into the machine tools and machining centres of Niles-Simmons.

Further application examples

Machine tools sample box  

Order the free sample box for machine tools!

Test our energy supply systems and bearing technology for machine tools yourself: improve the performance of your equipment and lower costs at the same time.