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E4Q | The latest generation
of long travel e-chains®

Robust, easy-to-install chains are also even quieter.


E4Q is designed to provide the best possible solution for unsupported lengths and long travels. In addition to insights from worldwide applications with the E4.1 series and the resulting optimization, competitive analysis and customer surveys have been conducted to make the energy chain better, more cable-friendly, easier to assemble and operate, and optionally quieter.

E4Q e-chain® advantages


    Tech up

    • Tool-free opening and closing
    • Reduced projections in the interior, for easier filling with open e-chain® 1
    • 15% higher pull-out strength of the crossbars 1
    • 10% less weight due to material recesses 1
    • Also available 17dB(A) quieter due to noise dampening parts made of noise-reducing material 2
    Compared to System E4.1
    Compared to 4040C series

    Cost down

    • 40% less assembly and installation time compared to the E4.1 system
    • Up to 35% saving possible in application in the borderline area 3
    • 36-month guarantee
    • Predictive maintenance – optional with the i.Sense additional module
    Due to a higher fill weight, the more cost-effective smaller series can be used if necessary


    • Proof of noise: 17db(A) less than 4040C 


    • 10% less material = 10% less energy consumption during production
    • Have your e-chain®, regardless of manufacturer, processed in the igus® "chainge recycling program"
    • igus® has been an investor in Mura Technology from the beginning and is helping advance chemical recycling. From plastic waste to crude oil in 20 minutes.
Typical areas of application:  machine tools, crane systems, automation systems


Optional noise dampening – new concealed system for noise reduction. Can be retrofitted any time. Rubber elements attached to the horizontal stop-dogs additionally dampen the impact noise of the already very quiet e-chain®.


Vertical and horizontal stop-dogs –  the vertical stop-dogs provide extra rigidity and allow large unsupported lengths. The horizontally arranged stop-dogs, on the other hand, are particularly important if the e-chain® needs a certain degree of flexibility and durability in areas with excessive bending, for example, over long travels.


Crossbars - the e-chain®  can be opened and closed without any tools at all. Crossbars and shelves lock in the side section for even greater holding strength. The e-chain® can be filled in considerably less time.


Save weight – Due to new findings, material has been left out where it has no function with regard to the load on the e-chain®. This has happened both inside, between the stop-dogs, as well as outside. In the process, nature-inspired rounded shapes were used for the design.

E4Q: crossbars every link

height [hi]
widths [Bi]
radii [R]
E4Q.34  34 mm075 - 350 mm063 - 300 mmOrder now
E4Q.44  44 mm075 - 350 mm075 - 350 mmOrder now
E4Q.58  58 mm100 - 500 mm135 - 500 mmOrder now
E4Q.82  82 mm100 - 500 mm150 - 1,000 mmOrder now

H4Q: crossbars every other link

height [hi]
widths [Bi]
radii [R]
H4Q.34 34 mm075 - 350 mm063 - 300 mmOrder now
H4Q.44 44 mm075 - 350 mm075 - 350 mmOrder now
H4Q.58 58 mm100 - 500 mm135 - 500 mmOrder now
H4Q.82 82 mm100 - 500 mm150 - 1,000 mmOrder now
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We can assist you with a turnkey, fully assembled solutions or answer any questions you may have with a custom project. 

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news 2022

The NEW: universal interior layout Complete flexibility, safety and ease of installation in one

Complete flexibility, reliability and ease of assembly in one

Depending on accessibility, choose the side from which you want to fit the shelf and see whether it is easier to access the inner or outer radius of the energy chain in order to release the crossbars. The shelves are locked in place by means of the integrated slider and automatically when the crossbar is fitted. Thanks to positive-locking, assembly is possible with virtually no force. Locking is simple and fast but the shelves are held securely in place. To unlock, release the crossbar on the inner or outer radius, depending on accessibility. The new E4Q e-chains can be opened quickly and without tools. After the crossbar has been released, the shelf can be unlocked by means of the slider and then simply pulled out.
Universal separator
Opening of the lock via integrated slider.
Universal separator
Shelf can be used in several layers and securely locked
Universal separator
When the crossbar is inserted, the lock is automatically activated.
Product presentation extender crossbars E4Q

Design study: Clever, modular extender crossbar design E4Q

Modular extender crossbar concept with E4Q opening mechanism: adapt energy chain individually to hose diameter. Easily install without tools and replace hoses as needed.
  • Large hoses
  • The modular extender crossbar means maximum flexibility and adaptation to hose dimensions
  • Save assembly time: simple, fast and tool-free assembly
  • If a repair is required, the hose is quickly replaced by opening the crossbar on the extender crossbar

Application examples for the E4Q e-chain®

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