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triflex® Robot Cable Carrier Applications

triflex® R is a multi-axis cable carrier designed for use in a wide variety of robotic applications, including material handling and welding. It features a built-in torsion stop to reduce the amount of mechanical stress imposed on your cables; a defined bend radius to ensure the bend radius of your cables won’t be violated; and a split cavity that acts as a separator to reduce excessive cable wear. Unlike corrugated tubing, triflex® R comes in nine sizes and is designed with ball and socket links that enable individual pieces of the system to be replaced if one of them is damaged. You can add or remove links if your system is too short, too long or if your robot needs to be repurposed. 

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Cable Management Systems Do the Robot Multi-axis, three-dimensional cable carriers for palletizing

Automotive industry

triflex® R in complex movements: eleven robots are equipped with the multi-dimensional cable carriers in this application.


triflex® R was used in this cleanroom because of its extremely low wear.

Glass works

triflex® R multi-dimensional cable carriers raises the performance of these robots.

Pharmaceutical industry

triflex® R multi-axis cable carriers improve robot performance in the pharmaceutical industry.

Roof tile factory

Maximum uptime for cables despite extreme conditions in this roof tile factory.

Assembly line

Robots use triflex® R to protect cables in this leading car manufacturer’s assembly line.

Handling system

triflex® R multi-axis cable carriers and chainflex® cables are used on this robot handling system for circuit board handling in a clean room environment.

Automatic screwdriver system

triflex® R with fiber rods and universal assembly kit used in an automatic screwdriver system.

Packaging robot

A triflex® R cable carrier improved the performance of this palletizing robot.

Painting robot

triflex® R is used in this painting robot to enable it to function smoothly in demanding conditions.

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