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Push/Pull force calculation as safety standard

Push Pull Force Detection System

PPDS basic  
PPDS basic
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Previously, condition monitoring systems for e-chains® were only for large systems like harbor cranes. With the new PPDS basic, this technology is now also available for "normal" industrial plants. The easy force measurement on the mounting bracket of the e-chain® enables an "emergency stop" function at reasonable costs even in energy chains with travels clearly below 100 m.

Safe shutdown or alert function with system faults

Improved EMC resistance

Modern SMD technology and advanced software

Secure with 24V voltage

Easy installation by means of non-interchangeable connectors

Easy programming using the membrane keypad directly on the unit

Compact housing, strong, corrosion resistant

The force limit is programmed in tensile and compression direction

The plant stops when the force is exceeded

Custom programmable and event logging in the data memory

Typical industrial sectors and applications:

Malfunction-sensitive plants, such as conveyor systems in power plants

Waste incineration systems

Chemical plants

Crane system

Generally with long travel distances that have high fail-safe requirements

For long travels, if pull/thrust force monitoring is desired.



Force sensor for the mounting bracket on the moving end


Force sensor cable: CF10.Ini-P5-C-M12-BW-5 (5m) harnessed for PPDS


PPDS analysis unit: EU.01.SMD


Central control cable including power supply: CF78.UL.07.05 (10m) harnessed for PPDS

Download assembly instructions PPDS - Push Pull Force Detection System

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