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Maintenance-free linear slide tables

Ready-to-install and cost-effective

drylin® linear solutions for more efficient automation

Optimized drylin® linear slide tables for dirt-resistant, quiet and modular operation

With drive systems from igus®, linear automation is optimized in the highest capacity. drylin® drive solutions are optimized with maintenance-free features and are offered at a low cost. Product variations include lead screw modules in various shaft and material combinations, lead screw drives with self-lubricating plastic nuts for extended service life, belt drive systems for high speed applications, and more. drylin® drive technology is also dirt-resistant, lightweight, quiet-running and suitable for virtually all applications and industries.


Lead screw drives use self-lubricating and maintenance-free plastic nuts for extended service life

handles high speed  
Handles high speed

Belt drive drylin® systems are engineered for high speed applications

various material combinations  
Various material combinations

Modules are available in different shaft and material combinations to meet your requirements

low cost  
Low cost

All drylin® systems are cost-effective yet high-performing

ready to install  

Systems are made ready-to-install for any application and industry


Optimized igus® linear plastics are up to 75% lighter than metal counterparts

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drylin® HTS  
drylin® HTS

Maintenance-free leadscrew systems in various material and shaft combinations – the right module for every application

drylin® E  
drylin® E

Motorized, electric drive systems made ready-to-install. Compact, lightweight, maintenance-free and cost-effective.

drylin SD lead screw drives  
SD lead screw drives

drylin® lead screw drives are durable, customizable systems with self-lubricating plastic nuts for extended service life

drylin® ZLW - belt drive  
drylin® ZLW - belt drive

Drive systems for high speed applications with low loads. Suitable for various positioning and adjustment tasks

drylin® EasyTube  
drylin® EasyTube

Linear slide unit for simple format adjustments. The anodized aluminum tube guides the slide carriage and protects the leadscrew.

drylin® SLW  
drylin® SLW - linear modules and XY-tables

Low profile and durable systems for format and electrical adjustments. Torsionally-stable with customizable carriages and guide rails.

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Additional drylin® products

drylin drive technology  
drylin® W profile guides

  • Dirt-resistant and durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and quiet-running
  • Largest rail variety

drylin® R shaft guides  
drylin® R shaft guides

  • Compatible with standard ball bushings
  • Interchangeable liners
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • Durable and dirt-resistant

drylin® N flat guides  
drylin® N flat guides

  • Low height between 6 and 12 mm
  • Lightweight
  • Rails in silver or black anodize
  • 4 rail widths between 17-80 mm