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dryve® D1 Motor Controller

Select, click, control...

Distances, positions, speeds, and runtimes—set easily with the new motor controller and web application for drylin® E linear systems from igus®. 

  • No software or app installation necessary, fast commissioning
  • Control possible via smartphone (browser), tablet or laptop
  • Simple and intuitive user interface, control system set up in just a few minutes
  • Compatible with numerous industrial controllers (e.g. the Siemens S7 / Beckhoff)
  • For DC, EC and stepper motors
  • Cost-effective

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dryve D1

Test the dryve motor controller

With the intuitive web-based application, you can quickly set the travel mode, positions, rates of acceleration, speed and pause times of your linear axis.
The simulation below allows you to test the motor controller accordingly. When using the actual web application and motor controller, your input is transmitted exactly as it is within this simulator. There is no separate transmission..

Under 'Travel profiles', you can configure up to eight lines and apply the control parameters to the linear axis. In the 'Mode' field, use HOM to set the zero point or use ABS to define the absolute position for movement on the linear axis.

Choose the destination by entering the position on the axis or by using the Teach function. Enter the values for acceleration, speed and deceleration and, if necessary, a pause time. Under 'Subsequent block', specify the number of the next travel profile.

drylin® dryve Resources

The control system in detail

Ready to use immediately

The dryve motor controller can either be connected to your network or you can connect it directly to the control unit (PC or PLC) by means of a network cable. You can then start the control system directly in the browser without software installation. Settings can therefore be made in one minute.

For each linear axis you need one dryve motor control system.


Powerful drive technology

dryve supports DC, EC and stepper motors both in open loop and closed loop technology.
The supply voltage of up to 48 V ensures high motor speeds. The nominal current of 7 A and the peak current of 20 A results in powerful and dynamic movements.

Simple control with the dryve web application

You can use the simple, intuitive web application to parameterize travel distances, position, feed and operating time of your linear axis even as an amateur.

Movements that are continuously repeated known as "looping" can be set in just a few seconds. A teach function enables position settings to be made with just one click.


Industry standards

Standardized communication protocols such as CANopen or Modbus TCP make it very easy to connect to industrial control systems such as Siemens S7 or Beckhoff. 

The ten digital inputs and five outputs enable the simplest communication with industrial controllers, but also with inexpensive open source modules such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Technical data

Nominal voltage logic supply12 – 24 VDC
Nominal voltage load supply12 – 48 VDC
Motor types2 phase stepper motor bipolar (ST), direct current motor (DC),
electrically commutated motor (EC)
Continuous motor current7 A
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 Peak motor current  ST: 10 A, DC: 14 A, EC: 21 A max. 2 sec depending on frequency of movement
Load power outputmax. 340 W continuous
Digital output currentmax. 200 mA per output
Holding brake24 VDC / 1 A
Angular encoderHall sensor (2 or 3 pole), encoder (line driver-RS422 or single ended)
analogue feedback via analogue inputs
Digital inputs10 digital inputs, pre-assigned function, choice of NPN or PNP,
build in pull-down (PNP) and pull-up (NPN) resistor
short-circuit-proof, electrically separated, 5 – 24 VDC (external)
Digital outputs5 digital outputs, pre-assigned function, PNP,
build in pull-down (PNP) resistor,
short-circuit-proof, electrically separated, 5 - 24 VDC (external)
Analogue inputs2 analogue inputs, ±10 VDC signal (12 bit), 0-10 VDC signal (11 bit),
10 VDC voltage supply
InterfacesCANopen (DS 402), Modbus TCP, Ethernet, bit coding, step/direction
Operating modesOpen-loop with/without position monitoring, closed-loop
Operating modesBinary: 32 travelling movements
Tipp/Teach: 8 travelling movements with external jog movement
Step/Direction: external Set-point 
CE symbol acc. to EMC guidelineEN 61000-6-2:2005, EN 61000-6-3:2007
Ambient temperature-20°C to +45°C
Relative humidity≤ 90%, non-condensating
Maximum temperature of the power unit100°C
Bearing temperature-40°C to +60°C
Protection classIP 30
Protective functionsMonitoring, power-unit temperature monitoring, current monitoring,
undervoltage and overvoltage protection, contouring error detection,
encoder control
MountingScrewed on, DIN rail mounting
D x W x H in mm
(incl. connectors and mounting elements)
124 x 31 x 139


Application Assistance

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