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Plastic e-chain® cable carriers reduce downtime & increase service life of cables

Plastic e-chain® cable carriers are more durable and longer lasting than the plastic carriers you’re used to.  That’s because they’re made of highly engineered plastic materials that are put through 10 billion test cycles each year inside our 41,000ft2 test lab at our headquarters in Cologne, Germany.  We also offer cable carriers pre-assembled with chainflex® flexbible cables that can reduce costs and assembly time by up to 95%.  Learn more about readychain® cable carriers.

e-chain® cable carriers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5mm inner height for the smallest installation spaces up to 350mm inner height for high loads.  Find solutions for long, gliding and unsupported travels as well as for horizontal, vertical, zig zag and robotic applications.  We also have open or closed systems with easy-to-open crossbars enables fast filling, and interior separators help increase the lifetime of the cables and hoses.  Use the lifetime configurator to determine the service life of your e-chain® cable carrier.  For a detailed look at our various series of chains and their applications, check out the e-chain® selection guide.


  • Calculate your chain's 36 month guarantee
  • Maintenance-free, plastic and self-lubricating
  • Durable and reliable, even in harsh environmental conditions
  • Open or closed systems, Easy to fill interior separators

Automotive, Robotics, EOT and Indoor Cranes, Port and Terminal Cranes, Material Handling, Oil and Gas, Shore PowerOffshore, Aerial Lifts and Platforms, Steel Mills, Stage and Theater, Vertical Farming

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Low-cost, Easy to fill, small e-chains

low cost

  • Lightweight & high torsion resistance
  • Snap-open or closed design
  • Internal separators -- standard or notch
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Long Travels, Gliding

Long Travels, Gliding

  • Smooth, cable-friendly interior surfaces
  • Integrated "brakes" on radial stop dogs
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
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Special Solutions

Special Solutions

  • Vertical, spiral and rotary movements
  • ESD material to avoid static charges
  • Smart plastics for predictive maintenance
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Multi-axis cable carriers for robots


  • Built-in torsion stop
  • Defined bend radius
  • Split cavity for cable separation
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Closed tubes for dirt, chips & debris


  • Cost-effective and stable chip protection
  • Stop-dogs encapsulated for dirt protection
  • Hinged or removable lids for easy-opening
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Low noise, abrasion & vibration-free

Low-noise, vibration-free

  • Up to 10 billion test cycles performed each year
  • 36 month guarantee on all e-chains®
  • Estimate service life with the expert configurator
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Proper installation is essential for the life of your cable carrier, and igus® has a team of dedicated engineers ready to assist you every step of the way. From site inspection, to installation, to complete modernization, our team will ensure the longest possible service life for your cable carrier system.  Contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 965-2496.

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