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Stepper Motors, DC Motors & EC/BLDC

igus® offers a wide range of electric motors for linear actuators and automation solutions, including DC, EC/BLDC, and stepper motors. Our stepper motors are available in several different sizes and can be extended with encoders and brakes, our DC motors are quiet and cost-effective with the option for batter operation, and our EC motors are ideal for fast, powerful movements. We also offer spindle motors, which consist of a stepper motor with a hollow shaft where a spindle is inserted. These motors are ideal for applications with high axial loads that would otherwise damage a standard stepper motor.

drylin® electric motors can be easily paired with drylin linear actuators to create an electric linear system that can operate under harsh conditions thanks to motor selections that include IP65  and IP68-rated variants. With a stepper motor from igus, you can design a complete solution for your system or process.
  • Easy pairing with drylin actuators
  • Cost-effective
  • Quiet operation
  • Waterproof options available (IP68)

Configure a Custom Design with a Motor

Linear Actuator Configurator

Linear Actuator Configurator A comprehensive tool to configure a custom linear actuator, calculate service life, download CAD files and checkout or request a quote.

Screw-Driven Configurator

Screw-driven Configurator Configure and calculate linear screw drive systems with accessories, receive 3D CAD & STEP files, and checkout or request a quote.

Lead Screw with Motors Expert

Lead Screw Assemblies with Motors Expert Simply enter your application requirements, browse lead screws, nuts, and various motors.  Then add to cart and checkout or request a quote.

Browse stepper (NEMA), DC, EC/BLDC motors & more!

Stepper Motors

stepper motors
  • Motors with metric connector or stranded wires
  • With encoder and brake for extra safety
  • Increased anti-rotation, machined flat motor shaft
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Direct-Current Motors

Direct-current motors
  • Also available with protective housing
  • Torque 0.1-1.8 Nm, speed up to 440rpm
  • Increased anti-rotation, machined flat motor shaft
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EC/BLDC Motors

EC motors
  • With hall and encoder
  • Installation sizes NEMA: 17, 23, 23XL and 34
  • Virtually wear-free for very high speeds
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Spindle Motors

spindle motors
  • Serrated Lead Screws and Nuts
  • For DC and Stepper (NEMA) Motors
  • Anti-backlash nuts available
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Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators
  • ​Belt-Driven Actuators
  • Lead Screw Actuators with Rails
  • Lead Screw-Driven Actuator with Shafts​
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Motor Controllers & Accessories

EC and BLDC motors
  • Motor controllers, motor flanges, couplings
  • Initiators and proximity reference switches
  • External braking resistors
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  What types of motors does igus offer?

    A:  igus offers a complete line of Stepper, BLDC (EC), and DC motors for different applications.

  • Q:  What type of motor should I consider for my application?

    A:  A stepper motor will provide you with precise motion control as it is programmed by its unique “step” design. These steps can be broken down further into microsteps for smoother, more precise motion. Stepper motors are ideal for automation applications, especially when an encoder is added. Stepper motors are also characterized by high holding torques. A brushless DC (EC/BLDC) motor is ideal for dynamic applications with high speeds/accelerations, as well as where smooth operation is required. These are commonly used in pick-and-place applications and in the joints of industrial robots. DC motors provide the simplest movements and are designed for lower-speed applications. They offer high torque at low speeds but are generally not programmed and are meant for “on-off” applications with very simple controls.

  • Q:  What type of motor lifetimes can I expect from the different

    A: igus stepper and brushless DC (BLDC/EC) motors allow for a lifetime of 20,000 hours. DC motors offer a lifetime of 3,000 hours.

  • Q:  At what voltages do igus motors operate?

    A:  Stepper: 24-48V
    BLDC/EC: 48V
    DC: 24V

  • Q:  Does igus offer proximity sensors or limit switches for your
    motorized systems?

    A:  Yes, we offer both inductive sensors as well as mechanical limit switches.

  • Q:  Does igus offer underwater, splash-water or any other
    type of motor with high IP ratings?

    A:  Yes, igus offers stepper motors with underwater (IP68), splash-water (IP65) as well as vacuum-rated motors.

  • Q:  Does igus offer motors with integrated lead screws?

    A:  Yes, igus offers lead screw motor actuators for much of our stepper motor range.

  • Q:  What types of online tools are available for motor sizing?

    A:  igus has a spindle motor calculation tool as well as an actuator tool that can provide application recommendations and details on these systems

  • Q:  What types of encoders or brakes are offered?

    A:  We offer incremental encoders for our stepper motors and hall sensors and encoders for our brushless DC (EC/BLDC) motors. Brakes are also available for both these motor types for additional security during power loss or failure. They require voltage to release the braking mechanism which will magnetically impede movement when the voltage is released.

  • Q:  Are cable assemblies available for the motors?

    A:  We have a complete line of cable assemblies for motor power and encoders as well as sensor cables. These are available for our metric plug-style connections as well as JST connector-style motors.

  • Q:  What about motor drive controllers?

    A:  Our flagship drive is the D1 drive. This controller offers compatibility with stepper, DC, and BLDC (EC) motors. There is a graphical user interface that allows for easy automation of your motor and is accessed offline via ethernet connection. It has CANopen and modbus TCP for use with a PLC or master controller. There is also the ability of choosing open vs closed loop for smoother operation, essentially turning a stepper motor into a servo. A DC motor paired with our low-cost D3 motor driver will give you control of how much torque is applied before the driver and motor error out. This can be very useful for certain applications where too much force may damage the system.

Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

Kevin Wright

Country Manager, Canada


Customer Service:

Monday to Friday from 8 am - 5 pm



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