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Buy - a complete robot arm (electro-mechanical)

robolink® robot arms are ideal for implementing fast and cost-effective process automation. You can choose from a range of models that are delivered pre-assembled and can be supplemented by an suitable CPR control system. Thanks to the modular kit system, even fully configured articulated arms can be subsequently adapted to changing process conditions by extending or shortening them.

Overview of the various robolink® models

Overview of the robolink® models  

robolink® D robot arms are available in various sizes and with different numbers of high-performance plastic joints. Depending on the application area, e.g. spray water or moisture, special drive motors can be installed for the joints.

Shop for complete robot arm systems

robolink® D complete system  

Select the desired robolink® articulated arm model for your application in our shop. All complete systems (electro-mechanical) consist of coordinated robolink® joints, suitable drive motors and connecting plates.

CPR control system for robolink®

robolink® D with CPR control system  

The CPR control system with easy-to-use software is programmed to work with the robolink® articulated arm. Arms with four or five degrees of freedom can be implemented with this modular industrial control system.

robolink® designer

robolink® designer with robolink® D articulated arm  

The robolink® designer provides you with an intuitive interface that allows you to simulate motion sequences of the complete system. This helps you to plan your automation process more easily and to accurately assess the movements of the gripper arm.

robolink® robot arm in use

The articulated arm removes components from the machine tool


This application example shows a robolink® robot arm in use at a machine tool manufacturer. A separate suction tool was attached to the articulated arm, so that the robolink® can remove the mobile half-shells from a machine. A complete package like this can be subsequently adapted and extended as required.

Data sheet of a gripping tool  
Data sheets of complete robot arms

Do you need further information and technical data? Take a look at our data sheets to get a better overview.

CAD download page overview  
Free CAD download

The CAD data of the individual robolink® components, as well as the fully configured articulated arms, can be downloaded free of charge from igus® in various formats and for different CAD systems.

Would you rather have a self-configured robolink® system?

At igus® you also have the choice to configure a robolink® articulated arm according to your requirements, or to buy components individually. In addition, our components can be combined with your own components, tools and control systems, as well as those made by other manufacturers. This allows robolink® to be customized to suit your individual application in order to design an optimal automation solution.


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