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Small and light-duty cantilever axis for "Pick & Place" applications

DryLin® GRW-0630

DryLin® GRW-0630

Highly dynamic at small loads

The new DryLin® cantilever axis was particularly developed for pick & place applications with high dynamics and small loads. In this type of axis carriage and motor are fixed while the axis moves. The plastic rack provides for highly dynamic direct force transfer (approx. 20-30% performance / speed increase) without deflecting or pre-tensioning a timing belt. Therefore the axis can be operated with a small motor and small loads up to around 1 kg.

100% self-lubricating

Direct force transfer via rack

Highly dynamic

Light and small

Material combination: Aluminum extrusion / plastic rack

The adapter plates and connection brackets are accessories

Upgrades to 2 or 3 axis portals

Low load up to approx. 1 kg

Application areas:Pick & Place, portals, assembly, medical technology, 2- or 3-axis gantries

Dimensions [mm]

Part number max. stroke max. axial
A A1 H E1 E2 l hw f lt ts tg sg AM    
    [N] -0,3     ±0,15 ±0,15                    
GRW-0630 150 2.25 2.13 3.17 0.79 1.77 1.57 4.35 1.67 0.16 0.59 0 M4 M4-8 89.62 365.19 USD Add to shopping cart
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