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drylin® W Linear Guides with adjustable clearance


drylin® W 'Turn-To-Fit' adjustable carriages allow you to set the clearance for your application by using a set screw.

The design also has a unique 'clicking' feature which audibly enables you to hear each revolution - so you can adjust to a set torque level and back off any number of revolutions to achieve your required fit. Currently available only in zinc-cast versions.

Manual adjustable clearance by "Turn-to-Fit" function with allen key

100% lubrication-free

Compact dimensions

8 different rail profiles available


Can be used in:

drylin® W - single rail, round

3 dimensions available

drylin® W - single rail, round    

drylin® W - double rails and carriages

1 dimension square, 3 dimensions round

drylin® W - double rails and carriages    

Product range drylin® W "Turn-To-Fit"

Part No. Weight B C1 C3 A3 K2 H SW G1    
  [g] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]    
 WJUME-01-10 43 26 29 16 6.5 M6 18 1.5 27 Upon request 
 WJ200UME-01-16 110 34.5 36 18 9 M8 27 2.5 33 Upon request 
 WJ200UME-01-20 222 42.5 45 27 9 M8 36 2.5 38 Upon request 
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