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drylin® product overview

Glide instead of roll

Unlike recirculating ball bearing systems, low cost drylin® linear bearings operate on lubrication-free glide pads.
Tests conducted over the years both in our laboratories and in real-world applications have proven that igus® plastics are ideal materials for linear applications due to their excellent wear resistance.

DryLin® T  
drylin® T
Profile rail guide systems

Dimensionally interchangeable with traditional recirculating linear ball guides, but without the high costs and expensive maintenance.

DryLin® N low profile guide systems  
drylin® N
Low profile guide systems

Extremely low profiles in several widths. Ideal for restricted spaces. No need for messy lubricants.

DryLin® W  
drylin® W
Modular guide systems

Developed to promote design flexibility and quick assembly. Available in single and double rail configurations.

drylin® R product overview  
drylin® R
Round shaft guide systems & accessories

Dimensionally interchangeable with linear ball bearings. Lubrication-free, dirt resistant and cost-effective.

DryLin® HTS / SLW leadscrew modules  
drylin® HTS
Leadscrew tables

Low-cost, maintenance-free leadscrew tables. Off-the-shelf solutions.

drylin® ZLW - belt drive  
drylin® ZLW
Linear belt-drive system

Low-cost linear belt-drive system designed for quickly positioning small loads - no lubrication required.

Leadscrew nuts  
Plastic Lead Screw nuts

Maintenance-free, dirt and dust resistant, corrosion-proof and lightweight.

DryLin Q  
drylin® Q
Square linear guides

Torque resistant square linear guide systems offer unique flexibility for equipment designs.