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Declaration regarding ISO 14001 certification

We are aware that the processing of plastics and the placement of plastic products on the market has consequences for the environment. We strive to keep these effects to a minimum, while maintaining an adequate level of economic efficiency. For this task, a cross-departmental team at igus is working on ways of identifying these effects and finding sustainable solutions.
We consider the protection of the environment and climate to be an important element of our activity and mission. The avoidance of harm to the environment and sparing use of the limited resources that are available are therefore permanent components of our corporate responsibility; as well as, ensuring continual improvement in all our business activities.
The central environmental aspects for use are the level of energy consumption in plastics production and the creation of plastic waste. With a recycling rate of 99% for our internal injection moulding waste, we have already taken an important step.
In addition, our team is working on ways to make recycling even more efficient, prevent contamination caused by igus products and reduce energy consumption in their production.
We are all contributing towards protection of the environment by:

  • adhering to applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • always taking account of environmental directives when we plan and procure new production equipment
  • enhancing the environmental awareness of our employees by means of specific training measures
  • maintaining a transparent environment policy in our dealings with employees, customers, contractual partners and the public
  • determining the environmental effects of existing and new activities, products and services in order to be able to define suitable measures for protection of the environment
  • using resources and energy carefully and implementing measures for the reduction of such use
  • implementing technical and organisational measures for the reduction of environmentally harmful emissions such as noise, residual material, waste and wastewater
  • adopting a 0-error philosophy where the avoidance of production waste is concerned
All our managers act as role models and also encourage appropriate behaviour in this regard on the part of our employees.