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Wear-resistant and clean bearing solutions for prostheses and orthoses

When iglide® bearings are used in prostheses and orthoses, hygienic, wear-resistant and maintenance-free operation is guaranteed. Users of prostheses and orthoses fixed with iglide® bearings describe the products' movements as simultaneously fluid and stable.

Advantages of the iglide® material at a glance:

Self-lubricating, maintenance-free


Extremely durable

Resistant to impacts and edge loads




Low coefficients of friction

No stick-slip effect

Media-resistant (e.g. to pool or salt water, personal care products)

dry-tech® sample box

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See our high-quality products for yourself. The dry-tech® sample box contains a range of iglide® bearings, as well as information about the material properties. With the kit, you will be able to see which bearings are best for your particular application.
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Customer application examples

Hip joint prosthesis with iglide® bearings by Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH

95% less wear

This hip prosthesis contains four iglide® Z bearings, guaranteeing extreme durability, maintenance-free operation and superb dampening on the main axes. The forces that occur during oscillating movement are transmitted by the bearings without causing wear. Experiments in the igus® test laboratory have proven that the iglide® material shows 95% less wear than PA66 and PTFE.

Fingers of a hand prosthesis with iglidur® bearings by Vincent Systems GmbH

Delicate movements with electric hand prosthesis

Vincent Systems GmbH has several requirements for the bearings used in their finger and hand prostheses. They must have low coefficients of friction, no external lubrication, be suitable for soft shafts, and be vibration-dampening and chemical-resistant. They should also promote a functional and aesthetic design. Therefore, all axes involved in the movement were equipped with iglide® J bearings.

Knee joint prosthesis with iglidur® piston rings by Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH

Fast assembly and long service life

This joint prosthesis is equipped with iglide® J piston rings, which can be clipped to the piston due to their flexible material. This allows for easy installation and shorter assembly time. PTFE guide bands were previously used in this application, which wear much faster than iglide® piston rings, and therefore had to be replaced more frequently.

Leg prosthesis with iglide® bearings by Batchford Products

Smooth movements with high stability

Due to their dampening properties, iglide® bearings guarantee comfort during impacts. In the Blatchford leg prosthesis, metal bearings with Teflon coating were replaced with iglide® Z bearings. igus® bearings are capable of handling high edge loads and shear forces. Users of this prosthesis describe the movement as fluid yet stable.

Tested in the igus® laboratory for service life and wear

Products often used with prostheses and orthoses

iglide® L280 bearings

iglide® L280

Long service life during continuous operation

Low coefficient of friction, extremely high abrasion resistance

Suitable for rough and stainless-steel shafts


iglide® bar stock

iglide® bar stock

iglide® materials as round bars, tubes and plates

Currently 25 iglide® materials to choose from

Cut to required size without offcut removal

Machined parts, no minimum order quantity

Individual special parts

Cost-effective special parts

Customize your design

Choose the material

Fast delivery

No minimum order

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