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Self-lubricating, hygienic, low-abrasion parts for the packaging industry

Compliance with the highest hygiene standards, fast/precise processing, safety and reliability

Solutions in the packaging, food or beverage industry are mostly very sensitive. Special requirements have to be fulfilled, especially where contact with food is concerned. At the same time, packaging equipment must enable precise and fast processing combined with cleanliness and economic efficiency.

Tuned to the specific needs of the packaging industry, such as food hygiene, FDA and/or EU compliance, we are able to provide you with our maintenance-free and lubrication-free machine parts made of high-performance plastics that help optimize your packaging machines.

Packaging Industry

Clean solutions for cartoners, thermoformers and labelling machines, etc.

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Food packaging

FDA-compliant and EU 10/2011-compliant machine components for all process stages of food production

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Beverage Packaging

Components without lubricants and maintenance for filling and inspection systems, blow molding machines, etc.

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iglide IC-01 bearing

New coating material for the food industry - four times longer service life than standard material iglide IC-01

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New products in 2021

Clip-on liner made of iglide W360

▲ Tech up
  • Up to 50% less bearing clearance at the operating point
  • Easy-running self-lubricating clip-on films with reduced elasticity
  • Secure assembly due to clip-on function and press fit
▼ Cost down
  • Linear adapter 1:1 dimensionally interchangeable with metallic ball bearings
  • One bearing for linear and rotating applications

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Metal rod end bearing + iglide® A160 

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iglide® I10 - Chemical-resistant, food-grade laser sintering material

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drygear Apiro

Modular gearboxes for connection to linear actuators

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Tested for media-resistance

Customer custom test Media resistance test in this test, several iglide plain bearings are tested in water with a temperature of 122°F as well as in cleaning agents.
Glance into the dry-tech test laboratory in the industry's largest test laboratory, iglide plain bearings and drylin linear technology are tested.

Application Assistance

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