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Clean, quiet and cost-effective solutions for the printing industry in 24h.

The term 'printing technology' refers to numerous methods of duplicating masters and templates. In the same way, igus® motion plastics® refer to numerous tribologically optimized plastic products, which helps you to reduce the cost of your equipment and increase its service life. Whether this is due to the absence of no external lubrication and maintenance or due to fail-safe cables and optimum cable guidance. From our range of 100,000 modular products, we always offer the right solution whatever the requirements are. Extremely low-vibration energy guides for very high acceleration rates, abrasion-resistant and confirmed to be in account with IPA DIN EN ISO Class 1, super-quiet from 32 dB(A), very high data rates CAT7, 600 MHz and a cable guarantee against failure for 36 months .

Some advantages of igus® motion plastics® products for the printing industry:

Self-lubrication and maintenance-free

Insensitivity to print powders and paper dust

Vibration dampening

Quiet (32 dB(A))

Corrosion resistance

Also suitable for high loads and speeds

Delivery: from stock

The functionality and suitability of all igus® systems can be calculated

Extremely high data rates

Cable guarantee of 36 months*

igus® solutions for the printing industry

High availability … quiet … low vibration …

… suitable for clean rooms … very high acceleration

Screen printing machine

Self-lubrication and maintenance-free … simply install and forget …

… insensitive to dirt

Flat bed printer
Enveloping machine

Products for the printing industry

System E6-1

After 10 successful years as a cleanroom and “whisper“ chain, the new generation is in the starting blocks. Aside from the tried-and-tested uses of the E6, the new "System E6-1" generation offers additional advantages which significantly simplify operation.

chainflex® cables

Highly flexible, with a guarantee of 36 months or 10 million double strokes for high speeds and accelerations as well as challenging ambient conditions. With norms and guidelines such as NFPA 79, UL, CSA, VDE, Interbus and Profibus.

drylin® linear systems

All drylin® linear guides are designed for dry operation and have been tested under this condition. No oils or fats were used as additional lubricants.

iglide® G300: The General Purpose

Self-lubricating and reduction of maintenance work; costs are reduced and service life is increased, everything from stock with very quick delivery.

Polymer ball bearings xiros®

xiros® polymer ball bearings revolutionize the ball bearing market. Due to maintenance-free dry-running through the use of xiros® high-performance polymers, many application problems can be solved efficiently and successfully

igubal® maintenance-free spherical bearings

The igubal® series provides developers with a complete system of self-adjusting bearing elements: Swivel heads, forked heads, flange bearings, pivot bearings and upright bearings.

More information:

Arguments in favor of igus® motion plastics®


Quiet running

Low vibration and vibration-damping

noise test

In many industries, an ever greater significance is ascribed to the sound pressure level of machines. The individual machine elements, including energy chains or linear technology, are also selected against these criteria.


The drylin® linear technology is also characterized by very low operating noise. Quiet operation is due to the difference between rolling and sliding. There is no mechanical rolling up of hard gliding partner and no ball collisions that cause loud noises.


The special structure of the chain links and the small pitch are the reasons for the extremely quiet and low-vibration characteristics of the E6 e-chain® product line during operation. We have had this confirmed in a study conducted by the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University.

Insensitive to dirt

Self-lubricating/dry operation


Insensitive to dirt

Use is also possible in very dirty and dusty environments. Particles are repelled from the contact surface by the movement itself. Seals can be dispensed with due to the dry operation. Dust and dirt cannot stick to grease or oil.


drylin® linear bearing systems are designed for dry-running. Your applications are thereby protected against soiling by grease or oil. Products can even be used in very dirty environments with a lot of paper dust.


igus® has been one of the pioneers in energy guide technology in clean rooms for more than 15 years. igus® supplies a wide range of easy-to-install, IPA-tested e-chains® that enable energy supply in clean rooms for specific types of machine.

Industry 4.0 - preventive maintenance

industry 4.0

Robolink...for building low-cost robots


Application examples for the printing industry

Special machine construction

Energy supply systems demonstrate their reliability even in particularly aggressive environmental conditions in special-purpose machinery construction.

Find more application examples

Are you looking for practically tested application examples in a certain industry? Here you can browse through already implemented applications and filter them according to your specifications.

Tested and classified

Test results

test result

The Fraunhofer Institute IPA has tested several igus® energy chains series according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. In this way, precise statements on the cleanroom application potentials of almost all popular igus® e-chain® systems are available now.

igus® test lab

Test lab

igus® operates the largest test laboratory in the industry, with test setups for energy chains, highly flexible cables, plastic bearings as well as plain bearings, ball bearings and linear bearings, lead screw drives, bar stock, piston rings etc.

Lower process costs online

Online tools

Use one of our many online tools to configure your product as you need it. Reduce your process costs with online tools and many other useful online services.

* 36 months or up to 10 million double strokes (5 million for cables of the chainflex® M family); whichever is first