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System rol e-chains® - rolling instead of gliding

Proven in 1000's of applications Worldwide

Conventionally designed e-chain® types are operated in the gliding instead of rolling mode for very long travel lengths. The reason for developing "rol e-chain®" gliding solution was the need to overcome the technical limits of this operating mode, such as to reduce friction, by rolling instead of gliding. This was achieved by integrating plastic rollers within the links to ensure a perfect pitch throughout the cable carrier. The result is a reduction in drive force needed and a smoother, quieter and lower vibration when in operation. The requirements for e-chain® in very long travel lengths have steadily increased in recent years. Travels of above 1,312 ft. pose new challenges such as extreme travel speeds in crane systems at cable loads up to 50 kg/m.

rolling instead of gliding

Roller extension links for yet higher additional loads and widths up to 6.5 ft and more on gliding solutions.

rolling instead of gliding

Rolling instead of gliding
Y = Tensile strength - shearing force in percentage
X1 =travel, X2 =chain length
A = rol e-chain®
B = standard e-chain®.
Data: Fill weight 6.72 lbs/ft (10kg/m)

rol e-chain - achieves very long travel lengths

Very long travel lengths of 1,448 ft, implemented with igus® rol e-chain® Series 5050R

Rol e-chains®

Special roller test stand for customer-specific tests

7 uses of the rol e-chain®

  • Large reduction in drive power to below 25% for moving the e-chain®
  • Travels up to 2,625 ft possible
  • Speeds up to 6 m/s possible
  • Different types of rollers for optimum results in different situations
  • Consistent rolling resistance for contaminated applications
  • Available as ready-to-fit, made-to-specifications system
  • System guarantee for made-to-specifications system (depends on application)

Application Areas
The igus® rol e-chain® is predestined for applications in which long travels at high speeds must be implemented. This is often the case, for example, in photo finish cameras or in materials handling. Even in slower applications in the cranes segment or in displacement systems, the low coefficients of friction of the system save costs, since the drives can be much smaller.

Delivery program rol e-chain®

Inner heights from 1.26", 1.38", 1.65", 1.77", 2.21" and 3.15", as well as widths from 1.97 inches up to several feet are possible and delivered from stock. All interior separation possibilities and mounting options of the igus® System E4 are available. The standard guide troughs of the respective chains from stock can be used. rol e-chain® types are basically snap-open on both sides. Several roller materials and geometries (profile rollers, etc.) available. Rust-free stainless steel balls are standard for rol e-chain®. The rol e-chain® is available as assembled e-chain system®. They are mounted by igus® specialists with chainflex® cables and assembled plugs and fittings according to your specifications and packed suitably for easy installation. According to travel lengths, the rol e-chain® types are delivered on a drum In case cables from the chainflex® range covering over 850 types are opted for according to application, we'd also undertake a guarantee for the complete system.
Facilities of this type are designed by our project engineers. We'd be glad to submit an offer. You may talk to us about this.

Selection table

Series Internal height Inner width Outer width Outer height Bending radii
hi Bi Ba ha R
[in] [in] in] [in] [in]
rol e-chain® - e-chain® with crossbars every link
2828R 1.26 1.97-15.75 2.87-16.65 2.13 4.92-11.81  inquiry
2700R 1.38 1.97-6.89 2.60-7.64 1.97 5.91  inquiry
3500R 1.77 1.97-9.84 2.76-10.63 2.52 7.87  inquiry
3838R 1.65 1.97-15.75 3.03-16.81 2.52 5.91-13.78  inquiry
4040R 2.21 1.97-23.62 3.39-25.04 3.31 7.87-15.75  inquiry
5050R 3.15 1.97-23.62 3.94-25.59 4.25 9.84-19.69  inquiry
rol e-chain® - e-tube, closed
R7728R 1.26 1.97-11.81 2.87-12.72 2.13 5.91-11.81  inquiry
R7838R 1.65 1.97-11.81 3.03-12.87 2.52 7.87-1378  inquiry
R8840R 2.21 2.95-18.19 4.37-19.65 3.31 11.81-15.75  inquiry
R9850R 3.15 2.95-18.19 4.92-20.20 4.25 11.81-39.37  inquiry