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LBT Flizz® plastic channel: special solution for long travel distances

LBT Flizz® - High speeds and accelerations

Travel distances up to 394 ft, travel speed up to 26 ft/s

Suitable for moving or stationary controls, ideal for all bus systems

When light weight is required

When quiet, maintenance-free operation is required

When rust-proof property is required

At 14°F to +140°F constant temperature

At accelerations over 10 m/s²

Energy supply system for all media, not only electrical

Also suitable for outdoor use (with reduced load data)

Your benefit from LBT Flizz®

Guaranteed service life

Cost-effective compared with conventional energy supply systems

Cable protected against dirt, rain, sun, ice, snow and leaves

Insensitive to wind and motion

Good resistance to chemicals, solvents, etc.

Use of special cables possible, e.g. servo drive cables, fiber optic cables, bus systems etc.

Almost maintenance free

Quick and easy installation due to delivery as a ready-assembled system

Easy integration with existing plants

Cable length 50% of the travel distance

No central cable junction

No effort required to maintain carriages

System LBT Flizz®

The complete system includes the igus® e-chains®, the LBT Flizz® guide trough and the igus® chainflex® cables which are fully assembled on request. The LBT Flizz® guide trough consists of a modular construction kit based on extruded guide profiles and a support frame with tubes all the way through to stabilize it. All parts are protected against corrosion, either extruded from high quality plastic or powder coated. The used materials are weather-resistant, as well as resistant against most chemicals, oils, fats, coolants and solvents. The option of the completely enclosed design offers protection against dirt, leaves, ice and snow. Safety, function and freedom from maintenance along with considerable price benefits compared with conventional energy supply systems are the key selection criteria.

LBT Flizz® technical drawing

Solid plastic with powder-coated support tubes

Modular assembly: the system can be enclosed with intermediate panels!

Can be delivered pre-fitted

Variable fields, which are simply screwed on top of each other

Glide rail integrated in the profile

Assembly version for infeed at the fixed end


Safe energy and data transmission

The igus® chainflex® cable range offers a choice of over 850 different cables, available from stock. A main focus of the range are the data and bus cables. Solutions based on copper, glass or plastic fiber optic cables are provided for almost all bus systems in industrial use. We continue to provide you with all supply cables for your drive systems such as motor cables with and without brake/tacho cables and the matching feed cables. Ready assembled with plugs and sockets on request.

Cost-reducing assembly

The use of pre-assembled e-chain systems® enables expensive assembly hours at the place of installation to be considerably reduced. Functionally tested systems guarantee that plant components are soon put into operation.

Example of how to fasten the console onto extensions


Assembly service

We would be pleased to send you an offer for complete solutions, including all assembly services. You do not tie up your own resources and you have a trouble-free energy supply system for the future at a fixed price.

The assembly version of a floating moving end to compensate any lateral displacement tolerances between scrapers and e-chain system®

Typical industrial sectors and applications

Sewage treatment plant

Longitudinal scrapers

Sand traps

Rain water overflow reservoir

Galvanizing equipment


Plant construction

Outdoor application in sewage treatment plants

Due to the particular stressing capacity in sewage treatment plants with partial flooding with foam, etc., a safety deduction of 50% should be made in the design of the facilities for all load values, compared to interior/dry area applications. We recommend a verification of the application data by our project engineers.

LBT flizz® applications

Space-saving and compact energy supply with LBT flizz® - low maintenance system, delivered pre-fitted with ready-assembled igus® E-Chain


Energy supply system protected from wind and weathering. The used materials are weather-resistant, as well as resistant against most chemicals, oils, fats, coolants and solvents


igus® LBT flizz® in endurance test - Sewage works of the company Hydrobudowa S.A. in Poland. The power supply system of the scrapers in 8 clarifiers was equipped with igus® e-chains® and LBT flizz®. The complete system runs directly over the clarifier. Benefits: - Low maintenance system - Considerably longer service life of the cables - enclosed trough, protection against snow and ice - space-saving compared to conventional system - very nice design (compact and safe) - travel distance (S) = 42m - assembled with igus® chainflex® cables