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E2 R Energy Tube Cable Carriers: Product Overview

Fully enclosed Energy Tube cable carriers can be used to protect cables and hoses against the hot metal debris, wood chips, dirt and dust generated in steel works, wood-processing plants, pulp factories, textile manufacturing, farming, coal-fired plants, and many other demanding environments. E2 R100 is suitable for applications involving higher speeds.

cable carrier E2 R Energy Tube

E2 R: Energy Tube for higher speeds.

cable carriers E2 R Energy Tubes

To open, prize the lid with a screwdriver and then simply remove it.

e-chain® Product Selector

Quickly find the best e-chain® cable carrier for your application. Simply enter your parameters and you'll be supplied with a list of chains that will work.

Assembly instructions

How to assemble E2 Energy Tubes.

Application examples

Different application examples using E2 Energy Tubes from various industries all around the world.

Snap-open along the outside
cable carrier energy tube  
Series R48

Inner height hi: 0.98 (25 mm)
Inner widths Bi: 0.98 - 5.12 (25 - 130 mm)
bending radii R: 2.36 - 9.84 (60 - 250 mm)
Pitch: 1.19 (30.3 mm)

high speed cable carrier  
Series R58

Inner height hi: 1.38 (35 mm)
Inner widths Bi: 1.97 - 7.87 (50 - 200 mm)
bending radii R: 2.95 - 9.84 (75 - 250 mm)
Pitch: 1.31 (33.3 mm)

high speed cable carriers  
Series R68

Inner height hi: 1.77 (45 mm)
Inner widths Bi: 1.97 - 9.84 (50 - 250 mm)
bending radii R: 3.94 - 11.81 (100 - 300 mm)
Pitch: 1.42 (36 mm)

Features and benefits:

Protection for cables and hoses against chips (even hot chips)

Snap-open mechanism - quick access from either side

Small pitch for low-noise, quiet operation

Very small bend radius thanks to small pitch

Contoured, chip-repellent exterior

Easily removable lids (by screwdriver or by hand) for quick assembly

Double stop dog for long, unsupported lengths

KMA mounting brackets which can be attached on either side

Typical applications:

Tooling machines

Woodworking machinery

Wherever you have machines that are subjected to chips, dirt, or dust

cable carrier design award  

iF Design Award - Series R117/118 and Series R68

ESD classification: Electrically conductive ESD/ATEX version upon request

Flammability class: VDE 0304 IIC UL94 HB

Resistant to hot chips