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3D-printed lead screw nuts and drive nuts

Our 3D-printed lead screw nuts and drive nuts are created using our engineered composite plastic iglide® printing materials, which have been proven to last up to 50 times longer inside moving applications than standard 3D-printing materials. igus® engineers extensively test our iglide® plastics inside our 41,000-square-foot test lab based in Cologne, Germany to ensure that every 3D-printed component offers exceptional wear resistance comparable to injection-molded components. All igus® 3D-printed parts are low-friction, maintenance-free and self-lubricating. Metric and trapezoidal threads can be printed directly on the component from size M6 to TR6.


  • Various special iglide® polymers available for moving applications
  • 3D-printed parts with wear resistance comparable to injection-molded components or bar stock
  • Rapid production – even for complex parts
  • Easily upload and order your CAD file online
  • Necessary component adaptations and optimizations possible
  • Prototypes, special components and small batches – no minimum order quantity required!

Wear test drive nut

3D printing service

3D printing service

Here, you can easily upload and order your drive nut or lead screw nut’s CAD file, choose which iglide® material meets your requirements, and check your component for any weak points using our wall thickness analyzer.

3D printing filament materials

igus® offers a wide range of high-performance iglide® materials that have been engineered to offer wear resistance that’s similar to injection-molded components.

Learn more about our materials
3D print filaments

3D printing tribology trials

View our 3D printing test lab

igus® engineers extensively test the tribological properties of our engineered composite plastics inside our 41,000-square-foot test lab to ensure every 3D-printed part will last 50 times longer than typical 3D-printing materials inside moving applications.

View the 3D printing test lab

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Whether you're interested in turnkey, fully assembled solutions or looking to build your own customizable project, learn more about how igus® can assist you with a solution based on your specific application and requirements. Contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 965-2496 to discuss your project today!

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